An introvert’s guide to the office christmas party

So your annual office Christmas party is coming up but you are dreading it because you are an introvert and you aren’t particularly fond of being in a room filled with people, even if they are people with whom you work every day. Well, have no fear, as there are ways that you can be yourself while still enjoying the event. Check out the short introvert’s guide to the office Christmas party below to make it easier on yourself.

Stay near your closest friends

You have probably made at least one or two close friends at work, so just ask them if they will be attending the event and make it a point to hang out with them while you are there. With these people at your side, you will automatically feel more comfortable because you will not be alone, and you can enjoy the food, drinks, dancing, and games like Ladbrokes office Christmas bingo that will be played.

Leave early if you need to

Even though it is a good idea to tell yourself that you will stay at the party for a minimum amount of time, you should not feel obligated to stick it out if it becomes too overwhelming. Have an excuse ready so that you can politely tell everyone that you will be leaving early. In this way, you can attend and show your face, mingle a bit, and then get out of there before it becomes too much for you to handle.

Christmas party drinks

Don’t drink too much

Although you might think that drinking more will make you feel more comfortable at an office Christmas party if you are an introvert, the truth is that you should actually limit the amount of alcohol that you drink while you are there. Remember that, even though this is a party, it is still a professional business related event, so you shouldn’t be drinking like you do when you are at a club. Limiting the amount of alcohol that you consume will ensure that you can relax a bit but still remain in control at all times, especially if you are going to be driving yourself home at the end of the event. Two drinks should be plenty, so that should be your maximum.

Ask people questions

If you are the type of person who doesn’t like talking too much about yourself, be the one to ask others questions. In this way, you will seem genuinely interested in what the other person has to say, you will be considered a great listener, and you can engage in a friendly conversation without feeling pressured to be the one who is doing all of the talking.

With the handy tips above, you can be your introverted self and still feel comfortable attending this year’s office Christmas party. Remember, it is a one-time event that you have to endure, but you can make it enjoyable and you can make some great memories with your boss and co-workers, so try to have a positive mindset about it.


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