Ireland’s most dangerous roads to drive on

Now that the summer is over and most of us have been on a couple of beach holidays, it’s time to look for other adventures. As a huge fan of road trips, especially in the colder months, I did some research on a closer destination this time – Ireland. If you’re planning a winter escape to the lands of Guinness and some of the world’s best whiskey, let’s take a look into the roads.

Driving in Ireland

Renting a car and finding your own way around the country sounds like a good plan, but you better be equipped with a good navigation app with recent maps. It’s also helpful to keep an eye on the road, as Irish based insurance intermediary, Chill, has conducted a survey of 650 Irish drivers to find out which roads the general public deem the most dangerous.

Dangerous roads

According to the survey, 34% of Irish drivers have been involved in a road traffic accident in the past 5 years, and a staggering 68% of people surveyed are worried for their safety when driving in Ireland. Dublin was voted as the county with the most dangerous roads; with the vast majority of those surveyed agreeing that the roads around the capital are the most treacherous.

According to the poll, the most dangerous drive in the country is the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare. A Popular destination for tourists thanks to the breathtaking scenery, this stretch of coastal road with 200m drops has been made unstable by recent landslides and 19% of those surveyed voted this beautiful, yet nerve wracking road, as the most dangerous.

Old Military Road in County Wicklow followed closely behind, with 13% of those surveyed picking it as the most dangerous. Winding through the Wicklow mountains, the road has a number of hazards; blind spots and winding bends making it a favourite for thrill seekers but the poor road conditions have resulted in a number of accidents.

Finally, Gap of Dunloe was voted as the most perilous drive by 11% of respondents. This narrow mountain pass in County Kerry is 731m above sea level and is an extremely popular tourist destination. Tightly hairpinned and riddled with potholes, the road is frequented by horse-drawn traps, making it even more dangerous.

Infographic by Chill insurance: Ireland's dangerous roads

Should you drive?

Commenting on the results, Fergal Lynch, Head of Marketing at Chill said: “with such a varied landscape, Ireland has some beautiful roads. However, a number of these routes can also be dangerous if due care is not taken. It’s important that road users are aware of the risks involved when driving on some of our roads.

If you decide to visit Ireland’s beautiful landmarks, you will surely be impressed by the breathtaking scenery. My suggestion is that you drive carefully and follow the road signs. If you’re not an experienced driver, maybe it’s better to use public transport or have a local friend to show you around. For more information on the roads in Ireland and most suitable polices, visit Chill insurance.



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