Jasper Necklace Giveaway

{International Giveaway}

I’d like to announce my first giveaway with the kindly support of Royal Crafts!

Jasper is an opaque rock and can be formed in virtually any color because of the mineral content of sediments or ash. It has been widely used through the ages. The ancient Egyptians used to carry amulets made of jasper, believing that it increases their sexual energy. It is mentioned in the Bible as a gift from God. The American Indians think of it as a magical stone with powerful healing abilities.

I met you with Detelina who is the artist and creator of Royal Crafts. She told me that she picks different and unique pieces of jasper, polishes them carefully and shapes them up, so each of her jewellery is unique.

I chose a very clean and classy stone for this giveaway. Considering that the autumn is coming, I think that a darker monochrome piece would be a nice add-on to some of your outfits. Check the photos and I’ll be very happy to see the outfit of the lucky winner! 🙂

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