How to care and store your jewellery collection

Whether your jewellery collection is full of priceless or not so expensive pieces, you have put a lot of time and effort into creating it, so treat it well and it will last you a lifetime.

Your jewellery collection is probably a mixture of special pieces that have been gifted to you by family and close friends, fine pieces you have purchased for yourself, and plenty of trendy costume jewellery from high street stores. Your jewellery deserves to be stored and cared for properly – not to be tossed away thoughtlessly in some random drawer.

Care tips

  1. Avoid contact with liquids – perfume, body sprays, etc.
  2. Remove your jewellery whilst taking a shower, swimming and working out.
  3. Don’t sleep with your jewellery.
  4. Cleanse with dish soap, warm water, and a brand new baby toothbrush to remove any buildup.
  5. Store strung necklaces and bracelets (like pearls) flat.
  6. Hang chain necklaces and long earrings to avoid tangling.
  7. Silver and gold are best stored in a closed case to avoid tarnishing.

Jewellery stands

It’s always a good idea to have an easy access to those pieces you wear most often. If you love following this season’s top jewellery trends and you wear your favourite baubles almost everyday, decorate your dressing table with stylish jewellery stands. They become a gorgeous focal point and save you time when you’re choosing the final touch of your outfit.

With endless options ranging from tiered to sculptural jewellery stands and everything in between, the following organisers are a stylish and modern alternative to the traditional jewellery box.

Umbra Prisma Accessory Organiser at Glamerella


Umbra Prisma Accessory Organiser: $15.00

The Prisma accessory organizer has room for earrings, bracelets and rings and can be used as a decorative item.





Umbra Prisma Jewellery Stand - at Glamerella


Umbra Prisma Jewellery Stand: $25.00

Black toned metal earring and necklace holder with white linen bracelet and ring storage tray.





Umbra Lotus Ring Holder - at Glamerella


Umbra Lotus Ring Holder: $5.00

The Umbra Lotus dish makes a pretty addition to any nightstand or dresser.





Umbra Geo T Ring Holder - at Glamerella


Umbra Geo T Ring Holder: $8.00

This little ring stand can be positioned on your bathroom counter so that you can hang your rings while washing your hands or near the kitchen sink.




Umbra Tesora Jewellery Stand - at Glamerella


Umbra Tesora Jewellery Stand: $30.00

Store your jewellery collection in style with this contemporary three tiered necklace stand. Stand includes earring bar plus a bracelet or ring tray made of concrete.




Umbra Orchid Jewellery Tree - at Glamerella


Umbra Orchid Jewellery Tree: $25.00

Decorative and functional, this jewellery stand features 12 hooks for necklaces or earrings and a leaf shaped tray bottom for storing bracelets and rings.




Lotus ring holder - display your jewellery collection in style with Glamerella



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