R.I.P. My dear Judy, you will always be my Queen!

Sorry, friends, I’ve prepared materials for a few other posts, but I’m unable to do it these days.

My old cat which lived with my parents passed away today.

She’s been a part of my family for more than a half of my life. She lived with us as the Queen of our house for 16 years. Unfortunately, she got cancer and after the surgery 10 days ago, it spread and she had a very hard last week, but I’m sure she’s in a better place now.

I still remember the day I brought her home in my arms. She was the last one from the litter which no one wanted, because she was too little and didn’t look healthy. I’ve been a school girl, than a student, a working girl and so on and so on, but she’s always been my best friend sleeping on my pillow while I was growing up; hugging me in the mornings so I don’t get up, or sitting on my lecture notes whenever I have to read them.

I will always have tones of great memories with this little girl!