Just another day in Paris

The last morning leaving our hotel in Paris… we had such a beautiful time!


The weather was a little bit chilly that day, but still the sun was shining. I wanted to have something elegant yet be able to enjoy the sun outside.

The key features in this outfit:

  • a blazer – for the warmer hours of the day; a coat on top of the blazer when it gets colder
  • a scarf – to add an extra layering to the outfit
  • black-white clothes make very good contrast with copper jewelry – just enough accessories, so it doesn’t get too blinky
  • zip main element – on the dress, the handbag, the bracelet

(I still got stopped at the border and had to take off all the jewelry.)



I wore:

Dress – Vero Moda
Blazer – Junona (a boutique clothing from Bulgaria)
Boots – London Rebel
Scarf – Dorothy Perkins
Bag – Jane Norman