Guide to smart shopping: Save money and treat yourself monthly with JustFab

Shoes have the power to change an outfit entirely…

I’ll admit it – I’m a shoe-addict. I love shoes!

I love collecting them, I love looking at them, I love counting my collection and I love wearing them. Many times I’ve been asked how I get so many shoes… well, my little shoe secret is called JustFab 🙂

Of course, I love to treat myself to a Kurt Geiger or United Nude pair every once in a while, but JustFab is my go-to place which saves me money and helps me stay on top of trends whilst wearing fabulous new heels and flats all the time.

My JustFab shoe collection

What you need to know about JustFab?

JustFab UK is a subscription service that started in the USA and has quickly expanded throughout Europe. The website offers a wide range of shoes, bags, jewellery and clothing in styles to suit every taste, allowing you to wear the freshest trends at very affordable prices. The VIP membership gets you fabulous new treats monthly with many other perks and costs only £35 a month. Once you sign up and fill a quick quiz, you get a monthly personal boutique styled for you. The boutique gives great inspiration of what’s best according to your preferences. You can also shop from the entire website if you spot anything you want outside the boutique.

What I like about JustFab is that they have an amazing team of designers and everything comes at a great price for its VIP members. By doing everything strictly online, the brand is able to cut the middlemen and department store out of the equation which saves a lot of money for the final customer. So, instead of paying a commission to everyone who gets to sell the product to the next branch of the traditional retail chain, you actually buy your items straight after design and production – at much better prices!

How JustFab do it to have affordable prices

How does it work?

By the 5th of each month you receive an email with your newly styled boutique. You can buy a new item or if you don’t do anything £35 will be taken from your bank card and added to your JustFab account as 1 credit to spend on a full price item later. If you don’t want to shop this month or you’re a bit short of cash, you can simply skip the month before the 5th.

I like the idea of making my savings on the website whenever I can without purchasing anything. It doesn’t break the bank and I know I will spend it on something new next month. You can also earn points by inviting friends and for every £ you spend when shopping. When you collect 350 points you can turn them into 1 credit to shop later.

The delivery is free for orders over £35, which means practically all the time if you shop with your monthly credits. There’s a standard and express delivery available. Despite it saying 5-7 days on the website, I’ve noticed that the standard usually takes 3-4 working days to arrive.

Why I recommend JustFab?

I can personally recommend JustFab, because I have been a VIP member since 2014. I still have my first pair of shoes I bought through them and I wear them regularly. They are very durable and comfortable, and so versatile that it gets addictive.

Even my wedding shoes were from JustFab! I wanted a pair of very clean nude heels and most importantly they had to be comfortable. I knew I could trust JustFab to deliver just what I wanted. The first shoes I purchased didn’t match the dress right, so I had to return them and choose another design. I arranged that over the phone and their customer service was great.

I’ve had many boots, sandals, wedges, flats, mules, handbags and jewellery from JustFab. In the last couple of months I started ordering clothes to style up for my outfits and I’m very happy with their quality too. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have noticed already.

Shopping for shoes with JustFab

Know your size

As JustFab comes from USA, the shoe sizes have been initially made according to their chart. The only difference I’ve noticed is that they run half a size smaller when turned into UK size. For instance, I normally wear UK shoe size 4, but from JustFab size 4.5 fits me, whilst my best friend normally wears shoe size 7 and from JustFab she gets 7.5. That’s the only thing you need to know.

The clothing chart is pretty simple – from XS to XXL and in my opinion they fit well.

Be smart and shop during the sales

JustFab are known for their amazing summer and winter sales available only to VIP members. That means when the brand is preparing for the new season, you can get some amazing steals.

At the moment the VIP member exclusive offer includes items starting from £7! To shop from the sales, you must have a full priced item in your basket and then you can add any of the style deals. I find that the best way to hit the sale is to keep a few credits in your account from the previous months, and then make a big shopping haul with style deals, or simply pay cash and earn more points 😉

If you follow JustFab social profiles, you can also take part of their frequent competitions and win extra credits by sharing your favourite snaps:

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Become a VIP member

Are you still here? Thank you for reading till the end. Follow the link and subscribe for JustFab and you can still catch their amazing summer sale. Once you fill in the quiz and you’re logged in, you’ll be able to shop at VIP prices. You will also receive an email with your personal boutique styled up to inspire your first orders!



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