Keeping your home safe when travelling

Travelling can be one of the highlights of life; exploring new cultures, seeing spectacular scenery and observing wildlife at close quarters being both inspiring and uplifting and a source of lasting memories.

The benefits of travel are many, but when it’s over you will be returning home, and it could undo all the positive effects of your trip if you’ve neglected to secure your house and return to find you’ve been burgled or the pipes have burst. Here are a few tips you better take care of before you head on your trip.

Making your home look lived in

Houses, where the owners are obviously away, are often targeted by burglars. The best deterrent is to make sure your house still looks lived in, so the potential thieves aren’t alerted to your home’s vulnerability. There some basic steps to take to make it look like your house is still occupied. Neighbours can be a great help with prevention by picking up the mail, spending time at the house, perhaps parking a car there now and again. If you plan to be away for any length of time, see if your neighbour or a friend can visit to keep the lawn tidy to prevent the outside of the house from getting overgrown. If you still have milk or newspaper deliveries make sure you cancel them. Timer systems or remote connectivity that you can activate from anywhere are very good ways of making the house appear occupied, by setting lights, TVs and radios to come on in the evenings.

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Keep precious belongings extra safe

If you have valuable jewellery or documents that you need to keep secured, a safety deposit box at the bank would be a good way of keeping your belongings safe. If you have large items or a collection that could be at risk, or items that you are particularly attached to, it might be worth putting them into storage for the duration of your trip. There are security-equipped self storage units available such as those available from Morespace Storage. If you will be away for an extended period and have arranged for friends, family or lodgers to occupy the house, you might want to store your personal or precious possessions until you return home.

Preparing the house

Check all the smoke detectors and alarm systems if you have them. Freeze or dispose of any food items that won’t last until your return, and empty the rubbish bins. Otherwise, your house could smell very unpleasant when you return. Turn off any water supplies that won’t be in use, such as the kitchen appliance water valves, and either turn the heating system off or if it’s going to be cold, set to a low temperature, at a level that will be comfortable for any plants or pets in the house. Turn off and unplug any electrical equipment unless it will be in use during your time away.

In all the excitement of planning your coming trip, don’t forget to prepare your home for your departure, as well as yourself. With a few simple precautions, you can enjoy your holiday and return home without any dramas.


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.



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