Keep Your Fit Chic

A month after all New Years resolutions and promises to get to the gym, I’m here to poke you so you don’t get too comfortable on the sofa.

I know we all need that little push sometimes, so we don’t melt down again. Check out a my motivational tunes and this fashionable sports outfit that I prepared for you…

I know it’s really cold outside and if you’re a little bit like me, you probably prefer holding a hot cup of tea (or hot chocolate / mocha / latte) when the long working day is over, rather than going out there to exercise.

Workout Playlist

With so many fashion events and other creative projects aligned in front of me for this month, I know it’s much better to keep my flow going and fitness helps me have more energy. And… as we all know… beach bums are made in the winter, so.. here is a playlist to get you in the right mood to hit the gym.

Chic Sports Gear

Did you know that New Look had a fabulous sport collection? Neither did I! So glad I found it. It has everything from gym bras, cute crop tops, leggings and matching trainers. All the pieces not only look super chic and cute, but come at an amazing price which is not going to break the bank. You can look fashionable and even more motivated.
Here is a selection of my favourites:

Keep your fit chic - workout playlist and cute gym gear from New Look

Outfit Items

  1. Black Contrast Gym Leggings£17.99
  2. Blue Active Abstract Print Crop Top£9.99
  3. White Active Believe Achieve Vest£8.99
  4. Black Mesh Neon Trim Drawstring Backpack£15.99
  5. Black Textured Lace Up Sports Trainers£19.99

Ready for a gym session now? I just renewed my membership and I’m going to get myself ready – I’ve got a wedding to attend this summer and need to look my best! 🙂