Endura Roses know the secret of keeping real flowers for years

Imagine you could enjoy the beautiful red rose given to you by the love of your life on your first date? Or that bouquets where he hid a small velvet box on the day he proposed to you?

Well, all that is possible now and Endura Roses know the secret. The team have invested years in creating a secret preservation formula, perfecting the ability to keep real flowers as radiant as the day they were picked – for up to a lifetime.

Bouquet with roses from Endura

How is it done?

The process is secret, but it goes through a few steps. First, the roses are picked by hand from some of the world’s best rose growing sites in South America, Europe and Africa. In their environment, the water and sap of the plants is being replaced with the company completely natural and top secret preservation formula. Once picked, the roses are placed in a delicately balanced micro-climate, with constantly monitored humidity, heat and light levels. This allows the roses to be kept at the peak of their natural beauty, staying at this point for years and years without any water, sunlight or other kind of care being necessary.

A range of colours and designs

Endure Roses provide real flowers in a vast range of colours and designs. Their design team works tirelessly to bring the latest trends in gifts and interior decorations, delicately selecting only the best roses.

Endura have also developed their own subtle fragrance to enhance the natural experience of owning an Endura product. The exquisite fragrance, Rose de Bulgarie, is the result of an artful collaboration between the most talented French and Italian perfumers and captures the unique scent of Bulgarian roses in their full bloom.

You can choose from a range of individually crafted gifts with striking single roses to bouquets of amazing roses and flora or diamond cut glass exclusives that bestow a lifetime of beauty and love.

A world of real flowers

Endura has been featured in leading publications including Cosmopolitan, Bride, Marie Claire, Perfect Wedding. Their creations are not only used as memorable personal gifts, but for weddings and corporate events. Their flagship store is located in the Trafford Centre, Manchester, which has won them the prestigious Revo Gold Award. You can also find their outlet trading in Lakeside and from 31st October this year they will open doors at the Bluewater in Greenhithe, Kent.

Endura roses - gifts

Exciting new launch

The official launch of the Bluewater store on the 3rd November will also see Endura’s latest innovation be unveiled for the first time in the UK. As Endura’s most ambitious project yet, the new Couture Collection which is unique in its style and presentation. Each piece in this range is hand crafted to perfection and individuality.

Awais Babar, Endura CEO, adds:

“We have pioneered the world of preserved flowers and wanted to take our expertise to the next level – With that in mind we can’t wait to reveal our latest creation at the launch of Bluewater.”

To find out more about Endura Roses visit their website or join the conversation on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.



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