What to expect from the collaboration between Kenzo and H&M this year

Every year the Swedish brand H&M creates an exciting new collection in collaboration with a luxury designer. Without fail, they manage to get a hype each time by bringing huge names from the couture fashion world to the high street. We’ve seen capsule ranges of exclusive designs at H&M with the distinctive signature style of Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Roberto Cavalli, Jimmy Choo, Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang, Balmain and the list goes on and on.

This week H&M released an exclusive preview of three photographs from the coming collection with Parisian fashion house Kenzo. No doubt, the news already stirred the calm summer waters and the photos were immediately re-shared by Vogue, Elle, Harper Bazaar and many other fashion medias and bloggers.

Creative directors of Kenzo for the collaboration with H&M

Fashion house Kenzo

Striking silhouettes, ethnic prints, clashing patterns and vibrant colours are some of the trade features of the French fashion house. Kenzo creations have been giving voice to more than one generation of fashion-orientated people, since Kenzo Takada stormed Paris in 1970 to launch the label.

“That extends beyond the vibe of the clothes. Takada, like Lim and Leon after him, was an outsider in Paris. He arrived in the mid-’60s, around the time that Yves Saint Laurent was shaking up the old-school haute couture system with his Rive Gauche ready-to-wear. The Japanese-born designer presented his own version of streetwear, and made a point of putting on runway shows that reflected real life. Inclusivity and individuality were guiding principles in the Kenzo collections of the 1970s.”

Nicole Phelps for Vogue

He was the first Asian designer to come into Paris and design for women,Carol Lim (Creative Director of Kenzo) says. “Kenzo really created a new way for women to dress.

Kenzo and H&M - exclusive look of the coming collection Kenzo and H&M - exclusive look of the coming collection

Kenzo and H&M collaboration

As you can imagine, this daring boldness is channeling through the new range. The collection will be available in over 250 selected H&M stores worldwide, as well as online, from November 3.

Humberto Leon (Creative Director of Kenzo) describes the collection: ”We like to make sure each piece has its own value and feels special, but at the same time that the collection as a whole feels really united. That means people should be as excited to own a t-shirt as they are to own a dress. Each piece should feel deliberate.


Photo credit: H&M



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