Must-have kitchen gadgets for easy preparing of healthy meals

Coming from Bulgaria, food for me has always been a seasonal love affair. I grew up eating fresh and mostly raw fruit and veg from spring to autumn, just to balance it off with slow cooked, boiled, fried and roasted soul food in the cold months. The disadvantage of it all is that when the sun is out you stock up on nutrients and vitamins and you enjoy every mouthful, whilst in winter ingredients seem bland and somehow the flavour has gone out of the pot.

Healthy meals

After growing up, traveling and tasting many different cuisines, I found the right balance for me. I love home cooked food and in our family we prepare healthy meals from scratch every day. It’s fun, delicious and there are tonnes of health benefits too.

Here is my ultimate list of must-have kitchen gadgets which make preparing healthy meals at home easy, even for busy people…

Raw cacao avocado banana mousse


I prefer blending over juicing for the simple reason that when you juice your fruit and veg you end up throwing away most of the fibre and antioxidants. This leads to a juice packed with nutrients and vitamins, but the fructose enters your blood stream too quickly. When you use a blender to prepare your full bodied smoothies, you consume all those goodies that keep your digestive system happy.

A blender is good for preparing so much more than just smoothies and milkshakes. You can blend soups, make mousse and raw puddings, gravy and sauces, make your pancakes fluffy and even mix toppings for your salads.

Slow cooker

This is the modern and lighter version of the good old Dutch oven. In a good slow cooker or multi cooker you can not only prepare a nice casserole in, but all sorts of bursting-with-flavour stews, soups and simmers. You can deliciously and nutritiously prepare chunks of meat, fish and veg. One of the best functions of a programmable slow cookers is their timer – perfect for busy working people. You can add all the ingredients in the morning, set the timer to go on in the afternoon, and come home to a nicely cooked ready-to-eat dinner.

Healthy meals ideas: slow cooked steamed salmon

Food steamer

multi layer food steamer can help you prepare a variety of healthy meals with ease. You can steam multiple vegetables for everyone’s favourite side dish. There are tonnes of delicious recipes like sweet potato brownies or carrot cupcakes for which the steamer would prepare the main ingredients, locking in their nutrients .

What are your favourite kitchen gadgets? I hope I’ve given you some new ideas to cook delicious healthy meals at home.



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