Liebster Award

In a moment when I wasn’t too sure how to continue with my blog, it came this wonderful message from Busola Coutts which nominates me for the Libster Award. She’s the blogger behind The Fashion Stir Fry.

It’s so nice how by blogging, you can meet so many wonderful, inspiring and interesting people. You start reading a blog and check it occasionally, you make a few comments and one day you catch yourself waiting to receive a message from someone and sneaking on the different social websites how their day has gone. We’ve never met, but it feels like we’re already friends even though living in completely different corners of the globe.

This is the idea behind the Liebster Award (from German: Dearest Award). I don’t know where this fun nomination started from, but its idea is to present exactly this – the friendship between bloggers. It’s a wonderful way to show which other developing and fairly new bloggers we read often and give them a shout-out. Here are a few rules for this nomination:

  1. Each nominee should answer the 11 questions by the tagger.
  2. Choose 5 bloggers with under 200 followers to pass this award to link them to your post.
  3. Create 11 new questions for your chosen bloggers.
  4. Go to their page and tell them about their nomination.
  5. Tag the blogger who nominated you.


My turn, questions asked by The Fashion Stir Fry:

1. Why did you start blogging?

  • Well, that’s a good question. After quite a racist political campaign against Bulgarians and Romanians in the UK which presented us as uneducated morons which only come to the country to live on benefits, I decided to show what we actually are. I was fed up of articles and photos showing gypsies in Bulgaria living in poor conditions and saying “22 millions of these people will come to your town!”. So I thought to myself I can create a blog and write about the things I’m interested in, showing what a normal Bulgarian woman is – a professional, with an eye for fashion, healthy lifestyle, loves to cook even if not always successful.

2. Who takes your photos?

  • All the photos so far are taken with my smart phone, mostly by me. Only when I need to show an outfit somewhere outdoors and I’m unable to take a selfie, there comes the help of my partner.

3. Favourite social media site and why?

  • It’s no secret I do graphic design and web marketing, so my work very much involves keeping up to date with all the social networks. I think Instagram is my favourite at the moment, because it helps you look at the world through the eyes of other people, talk to them, discuss, share, make new friends.

4. What do you worry about when publishing a new post?

  • How many mistakes will I make in English this time?! I know I will always sound as a Bulgarian when talking and it reminds a bit of Yoda.

5. Favourite blog post to date?

  • On my blog? I guess that would be the Bulgarians vs. Native Americans. It didn’t get so many comments here, but so many people messaged me on Facebook and email saying that they will make their research too. I’m sure the subject will develop into something bigger.

6. What is your favourite dessert or sweet?

  • I’m not too much into sweets, but I love chocolate – good quality chocolate. My best discovery is Hotel Chocolat. where I am a certified member and receive their monthly tasting box.. mmm.

7. Favourite Indie designer?

  • It’s hard to say that I have a favourite one, but I love browsing through small boutique shops, especially in Bulgaria. I love finding a dress or a skirt that has been made in only few pieces from each sizing. I love hand made jewelry and when I find an independent good designer, I usually buy a few things from them.

8. If you have a chance to play in a movie, with which actor or actress would you like to be with?

  • This is a difficult question, as I don’t watch lots of movies and I don’t have a favourite actor. I’m thinking that I would play with Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie – they seem like very nice guys and would be so much fun to put my hands on one of those cars from Gone in 60 seconds.

9. Heels, wedges or flats?

10. Three words that best describe your blog?

  • Shall I be answering this? Ok, Girlie, Bulgarian and Lifestyle.

11. What is one thing you can do that you know you will never fail at?

  • Hm…?! Burning myself in the kitchen. No matter how hard I try to avoid it, I always manage to do so. I know… love cooking, but am still a bit clumsy.

Oh, this was so nice! It reminded me of school time when we used to exchange those books answering questions to each other.


Now… my nominees are…

Theresa from Oh, Ivory – she always has some very nice tips on dressing up

Parashkeva from Nomad by Nature – another Bulgarian girl, which I have never met, but we share the love for animals and know each other virtually for ages. She’s got a few blogs and I really enjoy reading her stories

Lauren from Delayed Departures – a lovely ex-expat in Bulgaria, which has just returned to her home land after 2 years spent in my home land 😉

Nimo from Styling Nimo – a Kenyan fashion blogger based in DC with a very prominent feminine style

Natalia from The Red Studio – I saw her profile on Chictopia at first, but lateи I found she’s a journalist and I like her blog very much. Thanks to Google Translator I can turn it from Greek to English

And My Questions to You Ladies are:
1. Where in the world have you been to?
2. What is your favourite food?
3. And a favourite cocktail?
4. A dog or a cat person are you?
5. The biggest fail you’ve done in public?
6. Android or iPhone?
7. Heels, wedges or flats?
8. Your dream vacation?
9. The last book you read?
10. If you had to put 10 grand in a charity, what it would be?
11. What coffee do you drink?

Join the fun, ladies! It’s your turn 🙂