Three luxury hotels to stay in when visiting Milan

Milan has a reputation for luxury – from the fashion week to its history of art and culture to restaurants that are renowned around the world.

Milan’s luxury

If you’re staying in Milan it behooves you to enjoy some of the luxury the city has to offer. Hotels in Milan can really roll out the red carpet for their guests, with beautiful architecture – be it up to the minute, or using the centuries old heritage of the city – along with the use of the best luxury materials, accentuating the architecture and interior design, to create an experience you can’t forget.

Here is something to aim for on your next trip.

Hotel Principe di Savoia

My first choice is an example of belle epoque charm par excellence. Open since 1927 Hotel Principe di Savoia exists in a bubble of time apart from the 21 st century. Its timeless, tastefully luxurious 301 rooms are decorated in neutral tones with rich red highlights which are picked up by everything from the bed linen to the upholstery. The jewel toned pillows and brocade drapes are emblematic of  the style of the hotel, while the bathrooms use Italian marble and mosaics and leave you in doubt about where you are staying.

The Principe di Savoia is in a quiet district away from the main tourist thoroughfare, so it functions as a tranquil retreat if you have a busy trip. The penthouse houses a pool and gym, so while you’re keeping fit you can enjoy unique views over the entire city. It is close by the Brera Design District which is full of unique, stylish boutiques, and the Milano Centrale train station, which can be a base for travel across all of Italy, not just Milan!

Presidential swimming pool at Hotel Principe di Savoia, Milan

Copyright Hotel Principe di Savoia

Room Mate Giulia

The second choice is a more contemporary space, drawing on modern reputation for art and fashion, rather than its older heritage as a luxury travel destination. The knowingly retro interiors belie a playful, modern sensibility that make this an ideal destination for young travellers interested in exploring Milan. The Room Mate Giulia’s located just on the edge of the Duomo, so it’s perfect if you’re interested in exploring the shopping, dining and drinking possibilities the city has to offer.

The lounge of the hotel is lined with original Italian artwork, and supplied with a library of books on art and design, so it’s an impressive, visually striking place that’s worth a visit even if you’re not staying.

Armani Hotel Milano

If what you’re looking for is a contemporary-cool hotel that caters for the very top echelons of travellers, this is the only choice for you.

The Armani Hotel is sleekly modern, with classy Armani furnishings to ensure that everything has the very highest standards of luxury. The room’s iPad controls everything inside, from lighting and heating to the television, and even ordering room service. Staying here is like taking a holiday in a very exclusive future.

The hotel is situated on the Quadrilatero della Moda, Milan’s most exclusive shopping district, so whether you’re interested in browsing the boutiques for clothing or simply spotting tomorrow’s fashionistas at work, this should be the perfect place to stay.


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.



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