How to make your blurred images Instagram ready

Everyone loves snapping photos to preserve precious moments, memories or special events for the years to come. While getting professional photographs is common on occasions and celebrations, you’re most likely to try and capture yourself beautiful sunsets, landscapes or some style shots of your outfit. When you snap pictures on the go, they can easily get out of focus. This can totally spoil the photo and you probably wish there was a way to fix it. Well, let me tell you a secret on how to unblur a picture – most graphic designers use some advanced photo editing software to sort the problem with blurred images.

Photo editing software

A photo editing software is a specially designed application for computers and mobile devices that allows you to enhance, alter and edit photographs. You can adjust the lighting, appearance, colour and even the feel of your images in just a few minutes. Moreover, the quality of the edited images can not only be maintained but also enhanced and made better than the originals. You can decrease the blurriness and protect the natural look of your photos.

Fixing blurred images Fixing blurred images

Sharpening blurred images

Follow these simple steps to remove the blurriness from your photographs:

  1. As simple as it sounds, but you need to download, install and launch the photo editing software you’ve chosen to use on your computer.
  2. Open the image you want to edit by clicking on “browse for images” in the menu or simply by using the drag-and-drop feature.
  3. Once you have loaded the image in your software, click on the “Adjust” tab and move the sharpness slider untill the image becomes clear enough. Visit the “Details” option and adjust the sliders for contrast and brightness to enhance the photo.
  4. When you finish with all the alterations, click on the Save button to store the edited image on your computer. My advice it to safe it with a different name from the original file so you can come back to it again in the future.

Other functions to use

Normally, the software would have a number of different tools for enhancing and altering images. Here are some of the most common tasks you can apply to your pictures:

  • Add text
  • Lighten up dull images or reduce the brightness
  • Remove unwanted people or objects from the background
  • Crop the photo
  • Straighten the perspective
  • Remove blemishes and marks from skin and fabric
  • Create collages from multiple images
  • Rotate or resize
  • Change the colour scheme

Editing blurred images for blog

If you’re starting a blog or want to curate a beautiful gallery on Instagram, a photo editing software will come very useful in keeping the aesthetics of your digital photographs to a high standard. After all, you want to make your work stand out, right?