The tips you need to know on making the most of summer sales

A study commissioned by has found that millions of people in the UK save around £500 for their summer expenses, with 43% of shoppers worrying about overspending in the summer and 42% admitting to being more likely to indulge their penchant for spending when the sun is shining. Savings are spent on dining and leisure, but also on shopping. Summer is a tempting time indeed to buy items you have been eyeing all year, with discounts of up to 40% (or more) for mid- and high-end brands. If you are a wise spender who has set aside a few pounds knowing that summer sales are too tempting to resist, make the most of your nest by following money-saving tips.

Vouchers can be used alongside summer discounts

When shopping online, buyers can feel tempted to immediately place a wanted item in their shopping cart and check out. However, before shopping, sign up with at least one discount site that drops vouchers and other discounts into your inbox from thousands of high-street retailers. Often, you can use both a voucher and a discount to achieve additional savings. To do so, you will normally have to purchase an item (or total of items) worth above a specified amount.

London Fashion Week wardrobe

Determining your purchasing strategy

A study commissioned by has found that most people spend almost £144,000 on unnecessary expenses or impulse buys over their lifetime. Around £18,393.91 is spent on fashion and £17.807.80, on food. Impulse buys seem innocuous at the time, but they add up over the year, potentially eating up into savings you could be spending on a nice holiday or necessary home expenditure. Rather than checking out sites from your favourite shops of visiting in person, make a list throughout the year of the precise model of the item you want. Come sale time, shop only for the items on your list, setting a maximum expenditure for the July-August period.

Opting for classics rather than trends

Summer dresses and sandals tend to be quick, cheap buys that definitely come in hand throughout the summer season. However, make sure you buy at least one long-lasting item. This could be a leather bag, shoes, or jewellery piece with a substantial discount. A good bag by a prestigious brand can last you a lifetime if you care well for it. Sometimes, it pays to invest in a good bag rather than continually buy new ones that fray, fade, or otherwise age poorly.

Summer sales - shoes and bags

Setting aside a small amount for final markdowns

If you can, set aside a small amount for final markdowns. It will help you to make friends with shop assistants and take note of when final markdowns will take place. On the dates you know final markdowns will start, either slot in an hour or so early in the morning to shop online, or visit the shop first thing in the morning to find the size and models you are after.

It’s great news to see that British consumers are setting aside money for summer expenditure. Shoppers mainly spend on going out and on shopping. To obtain the most for your buck, build a strategy. Write down the items and precise models you need, and use your list the minute sales begin. Make sure to sign up for the newsletters of your favourite brands; often, they will let subscribers know about deals beforehand, or invite them to take advantage of special deals.



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