Manofatto – SS17 collection of “cozy” tote crossbody bags

No matter how Bohemian your summer inclinations, I defy you not to be tempted by Manofatto’s new minimalist tote crossbody bags – with irresistible clean lines and sophisticated elegance. These are pieces that you will keep forever (and others will covet forever); ripe for completing a classic print dress look or simply throwing over a casual blazer.

Manofatto SS17 lookbook - tote crossbody bag

Where the East meets the West

By definition “Manofatto” means handwork in Italian. The brand does not only build their products from quality Italian leather and materials, but they are set to produce in small quantities to ensure high quality and uniqueness which the mass production can never achieve. All of their pieces are carefully handcrafted by the artisan Novi.

The co-founder of Manofatto, Novi, is the artisan of the company. Born in Indonesia, but raised and educated in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, she has a unique perspective on British and Asian culture.

"COZY" CROSSBODY TOTE BAG in dark navy blue "COZY" CROSSBODY TOTE BAG in dark orange "COZY" CROSSBODY TOTE BAG in dark purple "COZY" CROSSBODY TOTE BAG in light pink

Manofatto spring summer 2017

The new design features a stylish single handle to carry on the arm or to grab with your hand, a magnetic clip closure which keeps everything secure and a leather shoulder strap. There is beautiful stitching in the middle of the bag to enhance the appearance. The interior of the bag includes microfiber suede lining and the highest quality Italian leather Nappa texture.

Price: £129.49 (1,299.00 Honk Kong $)

Make your own

If none of the manufactured bags offers the perfect pallete to suit your style, you can fully customize it by choosing the colours you want to combine. Your bag will be individually handcrafted by Manofatto’s artisan and delivered to you within 4-6 weeks.

Manofatto SS17 tote crossbody bags



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