Matcha Green Tea

To all my green-loving healthy friends out there – this post is for you! If you haven’t tried Matcha before, it’s time to do it. In the last month I’ve been enjoying this super healthy green drink and it is truly amazing. Not to mention its wide range of healthy benefits!

Consumed in Japan for almost 1000 years, Matcha traditionally was reserved for royalty, religious dignitaries and spiritual leaders.

What is Matcha green tea?

Mactha is a green tea powder made from the highest quality leaves – usually from the top parts on the stalk of the plant. It’s an ancient product which has been used in Japan for centuries. The nutrients in Matcha is equal to at least 10 cups of pure green tea.

Organic Matcha Benefits

  • Boost your energy throughout the whole day
  • Provides up to 137x the EGCG of brewed green tea
  • Burns more calories
  • Increases focus
  • Improves memory
  • Helps anti aging

There is a lot to say about Matcha. If you’re familiar with green tea and its benefits, just think how much more the powder gives you. Find more details here.

Organic Matcha Green Tea - Latte and Cold Smoothie Drinks

How to consume it?

There are plenty of recipes which I’d love to try, but for now I’m enjoying it the most as a cold smoothie drink. Once I get over this one, I’ll experiment more with juiced different drinks and will try out baking.

Note: it tastes very green. My fiance (although he drinks green tea and eats healthy) couldn’t accept the taste of it as a smoothie. My on the other hand, I’m simply LOVING it! It tastes so GREEN, a little sweet-ish and so clean. Reminds me a bit of spinach, but much stronger. Of course, I add a spoon of organic honey to give it some sweetness. It also works very well as a latte drink with a little spoon of honey before you add the hot milk which makes it a lot milder.

You can mix it with fruits or veg if you like juicing or fruit smoothies. The only rule to remember is to not exceed more than a spoon powder intake a day. Experiment until you find the way you like it. You can download a free guide of 50+ recipes to try with your organic Matcha green tea from here.

Organic Matcha Green Tea - Cold milk smoothie recipe step by step

Which one is the best Matcha?

I found this really good guide on how to test your matcha powder – look of the shade of green, consistency of the powder and the silkiness when whisked.

The Matcha green tea I’m using is made by Kiss Me Organics and is very good quality. It comes from a single-estate green tea farm in Japan which has been recognized by the United Nationas as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System. The matcha green tea powder they make is USDA certified. They sell it exclusively on Amazon:

Organic Matcha Green Tea - Product Review, The Blog of one

Organic Matcha Green Tea - Cold match green tea smoothie