Mojiana – Independent Accessory and Jewellery Label

Creativity – It’s a vital part of us, that subconscious force that powers our inventiveness, but we’re not sure how it works or where it comes from. We marvel at it, rejoice in it, are a little afraid of it when we sense its power at work in us. It feels like stirring of the spirit or the whispering of the muse.”

Marshall J. Cook, Freeing Your Creativity

When I read these words by Marshall J. Cook, I immediately thought of Moji Salehi – the creative mind behind the accessory label Mojiana. I had the pleasure to meet her personally at the Bloggers Tea Party and to shoot her unique hand crafted jewellery.

Moji Salehi

Moji Salehi

Why Jewellery?

Moji Salehi wears many hats in her every day life. Her expertise and knowledge go between textile printing, interior design, mentoring and crafting luxury accessories. Asked what drives her to design and make jewellery in particular, Moji laughed and said it would have been impossible not to. I can almost hear her soft voice in my head now, explaining passionately how the idea comes to mind and you can’t find rest until you try it. You have to let it out, to experiment with it, to make it real and show it to the world. It’s an urge that comes from within.

The Muse

It was quite interesting for me to find that we both use one simple shape as the starting point of everything we design. The circle – one very simple yet universal shape!

You will see the circle both in Mojiana and in my blog logo. If you look closely at her jewellery, you will see that every piece has been created from different combinations, repeats and interlinks of circles. My creative agency is called Loop Design and each letter is an implementation of the circle.

Mojiana - Independent Accessory and Jewellery Label for luxury elegant jewellery

Galaxy Collection by Mojiana - Independent Accessory and Jewellery Label

Galaxy Collection

The luxury collection called Galaxy takes its inspiration from old school Riviera glamour and has an intrinsic sense of texture, artistry and expertise. These necklaces are created with the charismatic and fashion forward woman in mind – who does not follow trends, but creates her own.


2D23D, Orb Collection by Mojiana - Independent Accessory and Jewellery Label

2D23D, Orb Collection

The Orb collection is based on complex modular structures by incorporating simple geometric elements and creating unity and movement. With this emphasis on form, the jewellery pieces are bold yet well balanced.


Project Britain, MJ by Mojiana - Independent Accessory and Jewellery Label

MJ by Mojiana, Project Britain

Project Britain features fun, youthful and colourful pieces. Each one of them is made using Mojiana’s signature style, laser cut into acrylic and layering imagery. It reflects the designers life in England by displaying iconic imagery and city skylines to produce everyday wearable statement jewellery.

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Models on the pictures:

Charlotte from Crave Green Velvet
Sam from Beautifie
Rebecca from Bec Boop
Jessica from Look What I Got