Mother of the bride – outfit tips for a warm weather wedding

For any mother of the bride, her daughter’s wedding day is special. Understandably, it is a day that most mums look forward to for many years. Naturally, on such a special and memorable day your mum wants to look her absolute best, which means buying the right outfit.

If you have the time, it is always nice to go shopping for her mother of the bride outfit together. You can enjoy spending some time with your mum before your big day and make it easier for her to find something that fits in well with the theme of your summer wedding.

A nice dress

There are always plenty of lovely dresses available in the shops. Many of which are ideal for a summer wedding. This year, natural print dresses are especially popular.

Most women look particularly good in a floral design, printed on a white or pastel background. This type of dress paired with a plain jacket and the right hat makes a particularly good summer mother of the bride outfit.

For a warm weather wedding, a cotton dress is an especially good choice. The fact that cotton is a natural fabric makes it easier for the body to regulate its temperature. If the day is warm and sunny, a cotton dress will help your mum to stay cool, and comfortable.

Mother of the bride outfit, Photo credit to JD Williams

Mother of the bride outfit, Photo credit to JD Williams


Of course, not every woman likes to wear a dress. For your mum a suit or separates may be a better option. A nice lace pencil skirt paired with a satin top or floaty white palazzo trousers, worn with a lightly sequined top, are both nice looks that work well for a summer wedding.

A hat for effect and shade

If you are buying for a summer wedding, a hat is always a good idea. A hat is a great way to finish off a special outfit and provides shade for the eyes and head, which is important on a very hot and bright day. Once inside, for the reception, your mum can take the hat off, and go bareheaded or replace it with a nice fascinator.

A jacket

Regardless of whether your mum opts for a dress, or a skirt and top, it is always a good idea to finish her outfit off with a nice jacket. She does not necessarily have to wear it, but she will be glad of it if the day turns out to be a bit chilly or if it rains. It also gives her the chance to change her look a bit, as the day progresses.

Kitten heels by Dior, Photo credit to Paul Zak for Harper's Bazaar

Kitten heels by Dior, Photo credit to Paul Zak for Harper’s Bazaar

The right accessories

Of course, no outfit is complete without the right accessories. A nice clutch is always a good idea, and the right jewellery helps too.

When choosing the shoes it is important to think about comfort as well as the overall look. Fortunately, this year, kitten heels are readily available. This style of shoe is ideal because they are not too high, yet still look elegant.

If your reception is taking place on grass, your mum also needs to bear this in mind when choosing her shoes. The last thing she needs is to have to spend most of the day walking on the balls of her feet.



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