My birthday present from Cosmopolitan UK

This year I’ve got a birthday gift I haven’t even dreamed of:

My confession has been published in Cosmopolitan UK!  

Cosmopolitan photo shoot

It was a couple of months ago when I was invited to take part of a photo shoot and make a confession to the readers of the UK magazine. I booked one of the first possible slots to meet the team and headed to the meeting for around 10 am. I’m not sure why I always choose the earliest timings for shootings, but I guess it’s so I don’t have the chance to get scared and change my mind!

The venue picked by Cosmopolitan was exactly the same bar I organised my photo shoot with the bloggers a few months earlier – Bar 90 in Hackney Wick! As soon as I arrived, I was quickly seated on the MUA chair and enjoyed a real quick makeover and hair styling. The whole crew was buzzing around and there were queues of girls arriving for the shoot.

Half an hour later, we were on the streets of my neighbourhood trying to find the best graffiti wall to stand against. The photographer was very professional and it was really fun for me to try a few different poses. The whole idea was to stay cool and look like myself. Well .. this is the easiest part for me!

Then we had a nice chat with one of the girls from Cosmopolitan and I shared a fun story about me. Of course, I had no idea if it would get published at all, considering they had aligned about 50 London gals for the day. The photos must come out right, the story needs to be interesting and fit the issue. I was told that if it does come out, it would be in spring.

Never mind, I was just styled up by the Cosmopolitan MUA team and I had a joyful half a day of shootings. This was great already.

Then – a few days before Christmas –  Jodie, a fellow blogger, tweeted me that she’d just seen me in the January edition of Cosmopolitan!!! Whaaaaaaaaat?! I’ve made it to the pages of the magazine… just in time for my birthday!

My confession in Cosmopolitan, January 2016 My confession in Cosmopolitan, January 2016

My confession

Lost in translation

When I moved to London from Bulgaria five years ago, I learnt English by watching US movies and TV shows. So for ages whenever someone said, ‘You alright?’, instead of a greeting, I thought it meant something was up with my appearance. I’d stand there bewildered, trying to find a stain on my shirt or getting out my mirror to check for smudged lipstick…

Lubka, 33. Fashion Blogger, London

Now you know… if you get this months issue, head to page 154.

Thank you

I recently decided to check the trending #2015bestnine on Instagram and it was very nice to see my most liked shots from last year. Today I want to thank each and every one of you who follows my daily posts on 

Thank you for all the love, support and sweet comments. I read them all!

#2015bestnine on Instagram My birthday present from Cosmopolitan UK

Level up

As I said last year… I don’t have birthdays, I level up. This year I reached level 33 and I feel blessed with happiness, a loving family, an amazing husband, lots of great friends and daily miracles.

Thank you for reading my blog and being part of my journey 🙂