My cat is in a Beauty Contest

Those of my friends that know me from before, have an idea how much I love animals and cats in particular. I’ve always had cats, in my whole life.

I spent the last 2 years in Bulgaria rescuing cats from the streets of Varna. There is no Animal Police there and unfortunately way too many domestic cats and dogs end up on the street suffering diseases, being crashed by cars, beaten by cruel people or starvation. I managed to save a few cats: to give them treatment and good care until I found loving homes where they were adopted. One of the cats was even adopted in Germany.

You can see my friends in Bulgaria which are still helping animals there. They have Facebook pages to maintain the charity and organize the help:
Let’s Adopt Bulgaria
Animal Help Varna
Animal Hope Bulgaria – Varna
Animal Hope Varna

My cat Matsy which appears in many of my blog posts, is a rescue from London. One day my boyfriend went to the nearest market to do shopping and on the way back saw a woman with her dog sniffing around. He looked at the dog’s direction and saw an open cage in which there was an abandoned petrified hissing cat. He grabbed the cage and call me on the phone. A few minutes later Matsy was at home. There was no evidence of who left the cat there, so RSPCA couldn’t find her previous owners.

It’s been a year since we have our little fluffy princess and I’m so happy that God sent her to us. Please vote for her in TheBodyShopUKs Cruelty Free competition and you can also win £50 worth of products!

Don’t forget to sign the pledge for a global ban on animal testing for cosmetics. We’ve won part of the battle for EU, let’s make it world wide!