#MyMumAndMe styling tips for the classic white loafer

From sewing clothes as a way to differentiate herself in the communist-era in Bulgaria to wearing garments imported from Europe, my mum has always had her own very refined sense of fashion.

I don’t often think about whether my mum has influenced my own style, but recently I decided to find out just how much she has. I fell in love with a pair of platform shoes – a contemporary take on classic white loafers. I thought I’d ask my mum how she’d wear them herself. Little did I know that my tendency for colour co-ordination and love of shoes came from her.

How my mum would wear it?

She only had a quick glimpse at the pretty shoes and immediately remembered that she had a very similar pair. Her father who was a doctor and travelled often to the Czech Republic, liked his daughter and wife to be dressed up nicely. My mum used to wear her white shoes with a short pleated skirt in navy blue and a white sailor style shirt, with a cute blue collar to match the skirt. Over the ensemble she had a sleeveless vest with tiny pockets – from the same blue fabric as the skirt. Just to complete the look and give an extra touch of elegance, she added a white hairband. Colour blocking at its finest!

Today, she said she’d keep the shirt and the vest as part of the outfit, but would wear them with a midi a-line pleated skirt for a modern take on the 70s style.

#mymumandme styling tips for the white loafers by Moda in Pelle

GIA loafer by Moda in Pelle
Pleated a-line skirt by M&S
Adela yarn dye stripe shirt by Phase Eight
Sleeveless blazer by ASOS
Elsie crystal satin tie headband by Phase Eight

How I wore it?

Before I even asked her, I already made a photo shoot with my own outfit – just so I didn’t get confused. The result – we both went for a staple white shirt and colour blocking as a basis of the outfit. My monochrome preferences usually take me down the black and white route as you will see below.

#mymumandme monochrome styling for the white loafers by Moda in Pelle

GIA loafer by Moda in Pelle
Crushed velvet leggings by H&M
Kerry pocket front shirt by Boohoo
Gold and marble earrings and necklace by From St. Xavier
Flawless belly band by Belly Bandit

Maternity look

At the beginning of my pregnancy I thought I’d be hiding my belly in loose clothes for 9 months. Now in my 6th month, I feel proud and I don’t feel the need to always cover it under baggy tops. I deconstructed an oversized white shirt and put my belly band on display (Flawless Belly reviewed here). It’s a way to show to the world “Hey, I’m growing a tiny human inside!”, whilst supporting my abdominal muscles and feeling comfortable.

Black and white monochrome maternity outfit with deconstructed oversized shirt Oversized shirt maternity outfit inspiration Moda in Pelle white loafers with H&M velvet leggings White and gold earrings From St. Xavier at Glamerella Marble gold pendant necklace From St. Xavier at Glamerella White loafers with platform from Moda in Pelle Deconstructed white shirt trend and Flawless Belly by Belly Bandit - maternity outfit

You can also win a pair of shoes for you and your mum from Moda in Pelle!
Go and make her happy for Mother’s day :)

Has your mum influenced your style and what you wear today? It’ll be fun to find out, so tell me in the comments below :)



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