Natural Beauty by Zuzka

I’ve been looking really long for a beauty brand offering cruelty-free natural products, which doesn’t have the big label or name behind their back. I’m really happy when I manage to find a small business with big ethos.

When I heard of ZUZKA, I immediately wanted to give them a try. ZUZKA has a large range of organic cosmetics – anything you can think of, from mineral makeup to handmade skin care for men and women..

Natural Beauty from Zuzka - product review

Zuzka Natural Beauty

Zuzka Natural Beauty is the creation of Susan Kohutova – a qualified Beauty Specialist & Registered Medical Herbalist. Susan has worked in the Health & Beauty business for over 20 years as a consultant and therapist for some of the Top Cosmetic Companies. Having suffered for many years with sensitive, allergy prone skin led Susans determination to develop a range of natural cosmetics, free from harsh detergents and synthetic ingredients that could be tolerated by even the most delicate skin. Studying Medical Herbalism provided the in depth knowledge of Herbs, Plants and Flowers needed to create a cosmetic range that utilises these precious natural ingredients to their best potential.

Natural Beauty from Zuzka - product review Natural Beauty from Zuzka - product review

Coconut Cream Cleanser

I used cream makeup removals before with a bit of suspition. I normally find it difficult to actually remove the mascara and the heavy eyeliner, but I had no such issues with this Coconut Cream Cleanser. It’s rich texture warms up with contact to the skin and truly melts all the makeup. You need to massage it over the area and in a couple of moves, everything you’d want to clean is left on the cotton pad.

It leaves the skin with a feeling for deep cleansing. The lightly flavoured aroma is another thing which I really like about it.

Natural Beauty from Zuzka - product review

Honey Glow Royal Gold Nourishing Day Cream

I wondered what is royal about this facial cream until I tried it on. It has really light body which blends in so well, but leaves your face well moisturized. This Honey Glow Nourishing Day Cream is good for mature skin which is perfect for 30+ ladies as myself. We don’t want to wait to have carved wrinkles to start treating them, right? 🙂

I use the day cream in the morning after washing and drying my face. It’s perfectly good to use as a base under makeup too, because it doesn’t leave greesy marks on the skin. It works perfect for me whichever way you look at it.

Natural Beauty from Zuzka - product review

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