Neja from It Is Lovely Food

{Bloggers World Calendar 2014: Interview} You already met the lovely Neja in the Bloggers World Calendar (my creative project for the 2014, featuring 12 bloggers from around the world). She’s the blogger behind It Is Lovely Food. On her blog she will take you on a journey through her kitchen, her dreams and everything that inspires her. She will even assure you that you can have your cake and eat it too. Let me warn you though: don’t open her blog if you’re hungry!

Neja from it Is Lovely Food, Interview - The Blog of one

Tell us a few words about yourself.

  • I was born in a little European country – Slovenia, in an ever smaller city Kranj. I now live in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana.. for seven years. It’s the only city I like in Slovenia and I feel very much at home here. I went to Faculty of Health Sciences, to become a nurse. It was only a path that lead to other things. Now I’m doing Master’s Degree in Dietetics. Studying about food related things is something I really wanted to do in the last few years, and I am really grateful that I have this opportunity now.

How did you start blogging?

  • I started blogging many, many years ago. But back then, I blogged about my thoughts, feelings, love… mostly about heart breaking one.. oh yeah, it was quite dramatic and tragic, ha! And then I stopped writing… I had a big block and I just couldn’t write anymore. But I have always been writing. That was in me from the moment I learned how to read. I started reading books like a maniac! Holy cow! Back then my writing showed up through writing poems for birthdays or for mother’s day. The passion was born.

Neja from it Is Lovely Food, Interview - The Blog of one Where do you find inspiration for all your amazing recipe posts?

  • I became a food blogger because I saw amazing pics of food on the internet. The food photography inspired me. I love food. I take photos of food all the time with my phone anyway, so I wanted to learn how to cook and when I saw those pictures, I thought to myself: “I can do this. I wanna do this, I’m gonna do this!” And I am learning now how to cook, take photographs, and write. It’s actually really annoying, because I am never truly pleased with the end result. I mean, I am for a few days, but then I’m not anymore =). I find the inspiration within me, other food blogs that I admire, in everything that surrounds me.

Neja from it Is Lovely Food, Interview - The Blog of one Which is your favourite recipe that you’ve cooked lately?

Which one was the most difficult to make?

  • I would say macarons. I failed two times and I almost started to cry. It’s just so disappointing to see the end result being so far from what I’ve imagined to be.

Neja from it Is Lovely Food, Interview - The Blog of one Do you have a special ritual when preparing a food post for the blog?

  • Not really, but there are some things I need to keep in mind. It’s very important to start in the morning, because of the natural light. Therefore I really don’t like the Winter time, because it’s dark outside most of the day.

Tea or coffee? Or maybe hot chocolate?

  • Never coffee. It’s just not for me. Definitely tea for everyday drink. My favorite ones are Irish morning, White tea with pomegranate and Black Vanilla. This might sound funny, but the first time I drank hot chocolate was just a few months ago, in December. And now, it’s my favorite Winter guilty pleasure.

Neja from it Is Lovely Food, Interview - The Blog of one What would be your perfect day off?

  • Having breakfast with my Love at Tea house, hanging with people in a carefree way in some random place…learning about and from people… buying beautiful vintage-look-a-like white stuff for apartment, drinking tea like some British lady, reading books, taking photos, smelling all those flowers that my eyes catch, eating cookies, dreaming about picnics in France and listening weird music.

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