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It’s a month since I became a mom to a lovely little girl. It’s been quite a journey, a learning curve for the whole family and such a blessing that brought us all even closer together.

There were lots of things I had to learn on the go, including the best newborn skincare for her. As you can imagine, I stocked up on organic baby products before she was born, only to find out that they weren’t what she needed. She left the hospital with irritated skin, dry flaky patches and something that appeared to be nappy rush.

An online store for people with skin conditions

In the search for a solution to each problem, I found HelloSkin – the number one online store for emollients, nutrition supplements, accessories and selected over-the-counter products for people with a skin condition. Their dedicated team searches the world for the best skincare for psoriasis, eczema, acne and dry skin. Aiming to provide transparency in their product selection, they allow you to search by need, type and ingredient, having all the information to make a considered choice for your skin.

Aveeno baby soothing relief at HelloSkin

Aveeno Baby Soothing relief emollient wash

I wasn’t sure if my little girl’s sensitive skin reacted to the bedding, some of the washes in the hospital, or maybe her body was growing too fast for the skin to stretch and keep up, but within a few days at home she started flaking around her ankles, wrists and mostly on her belly.

I’m so happy that I found this Aveeno Soothing relief baby emollient wash. Containing oatmeal and a very gentle formula, it makes her skin soft and hydrated straight after her bath. It also makes her hair even softer than it already is and super shiny.

Price: £7.90 for 354 ml

Cetarphil body moisturiser at HelloSkin

Cetaphil Skin restoring body moisturiser

This Skin restoring body moisturiser from Cetaphil is a great skin lotion. It repaired her flaking dry skin within a few applications, and smells lovely. It gently helps the skin’s natural protective barrier to build up again and to keep its hydration levels up.

Price: £14.99 for 295 ml

Sudocrem antiseptic healing cream at HelloSkin

Sudocrem Antiseptic healing cream

No matter how often you change their nappies and how well you clean your baby’s skin, nappy rash often appears as redness on some very sensitive areas. From the prenatal classes and during our stay in the hospital, I collected samples of 3 different nappy rash creams, but the one from Sudocrem proved to work best. You only need a small amount and one application for it to heal the skin, and the next time you change the nappy the skin looks calm again.

So from all the healing creams that I tested, I decided to get a full size Sudocrem Antiseptic healing cream. With all of its healing ingredients, I’m sure the whole family will benefit from it in the months to come this summer – to treat acne, eczema, cuts and burns, sunburn, and of course baby’s nappy rash.

Price: £4.95 for 250 g


Overall experience with HelloSkin

I’m really happy with what I found on the HelloSkin website and how well it is organised. It’s easy to search for the right newborn skincare and to order, after there is so much information provided for each of the products. There’s also free standard UK shipping.

If you can’t find a specific product which helps for a certain skin condition, you can submit it and the HelloSkin research team will get to work.

Shop with HelloSkin

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Disclosure: This post is a review of products I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.



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