Taking on a 14-day weight loss challenge with Nutribuddy

I’m starting this week with a huge confession and I’ll be brutally honest with you, my readers. As a blogger I know the potential of being a role model to some, so I’m not going to hide behind good photography and well thought out poses.

Since our wedding less than a year ago, I have put on a stone (6 kg). It proves I’m a human too… *gasp*. But as a human I don’t take my body for granted and I want to keep it in good condition.

My story

I know a stone might not be that much, but on my small (petite) frame it’s too much. I have always been too skinny until I met my husband and he introduced me to nutrition and fitness. I discovered that I can still be slim, but fit, healthy and stronger. Right now I’m getting more on the cuddly fluffy side and I don’t like it. I’m at that age that if I get used to the extra weigh now, it will only get worse. We’re also planning on having babies in the near future, so I want my body to be strong and healthy, before I enter the next chapter of my life.

Weight loss with Nutribuddy

Nutribuddy were very kind to partner with me and challenge me to join their 14-day weight loss program. The weight loss kit consists of:

  1. Sculpting Whey shake

  2. Hunger Fix tablets

  3. Multivitamin tablets

  4. Shaker bottle

  5. Little Book of Weight Loss

  6. Recipe Book

The products can be bought separately, but the weigh loss kit comes at a price of £34.99 for 2 weeks and £24.99 for one week. There are two flavours to choose from – chocolate and vanilla. I decided to go with chocolate 🙂

Nutribuddy 14-day weight loss kit flatlay

Signs of putting on weight

There were quite a few signs that brought me to the realization that things weren’t completely right any more:

  • I can’t ignore the belly fat and rounded knees.
  • I started getting out of breath walking uphill.
  • One of women’s cruel enemies has attacked me – cellulite.
  • I filled up clothes which were too big for me before.
  • My arm muscles have disappeared somewhere.
  • Even my mum noticed I’ve put on weight.

6 kg (1 stone) extra weight difference - I'm not happy

How did I get here?

Once I noticed the obvious, I moaned to my whole family and friends for a week. Then I decided that in order to tackle the problem I needed to know where that extra weight came from:

  • Comfort – a glass of wine or two accompany my dinner.
  • Stress – moving house and living in two countries requires frequent travel and lots of things to be done on the go.
  • No gym – since the wedding I’ve been working out for a couple of months, but I couldn’t find a gym I felt comfortable with, so I stopped going.
  • Work – opening a new shop alongside blogging, marketing and graphic design took over most of my time.
  • Food – busy days led to cooking quickly and eating too many carbs.
  • Not enough exercise – I know it, I don’t move enough!

What’s next?

What I’ll be doing to lose weight:

  • Cutting the carbs drastically – no rice, no bread.
  • A glass of wine only on a Friday – to enjoy a treat once in a while.
  • Nutribuddy recipe book gives some really yummy ideas for delicious and healthy meals, including snacks and treats.
  • Nutribuddy hunger fix pills to stop me from craving sweets and Sculpting whey protein to fill me up and encourage fat burn.
  • Getting active again – I’m signing up for a new gym today!

Nutribuddy whey protein shake and recipe book Nutribuddy multivitamins and hunger fix tablets

Be realistic

I don’t expect to lose a stone in 2 weeks and I don’t want to lose it straight away. My aim is getting rid of 1/2 stone (2-3 kg). I’m looking to achieve a drop in my body’s fat percentage, rather than starving myself and losing muscle mass. In order to do this, I will eat clean, have my whey protein and exercise 4 times a week (twice in the gym and twice in the park).

Why I’m doing it?

For myself. My husband likes my body now, but supports me in my decision to get fitter. My mum likes me with some extra weight too, but I’m not happy with it.

I need to feel good in my skin. I want to see my abs and delts again and to get back on track with my cardio.

I need you

You can follow my 14-day challenge, progress and results on Instagram. I will try to resist the temptation of French macarons and a cold pint on a sunny day. If you want to support me in those difficult times, come and drop me a line. I can do with some friendly encouragement 🙂


1 August 2016 Update: Mission completed!

See my results from the 14-day weight-loss program with Nutribuddy!



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