Nuts Pick roast after you order to deliver fresh deliciousness + GIVEAWAY

I have a very vivid memory from my childhood. Walking on the street on a sunny day with my grandmother, we could smell freshly roasted nuts from miles away. We eventually would reach the kiosk where an old lady sold anything you could imagine – from peanuts and chickpeas, to almonds and cashew nuts. The irresistable smell always made us get a handful of different bursting with flavour nibbles wrapped in a piece of paper. Hot, steamy and so delicious…

Nuts Pick - freshly roasted nuts and dried fruits

Unbeatable flavour

Today it’s difficult to find anything resembling that straight-out-the-oven taste. It’s true that supermarkets tempt us all sorts of salad bowls enhanced with seeds and pots of healthy nuts. Sadly, the longer they’ve been on the shelve, the less flavour they have. Nuts go stale pretty easily.

So many times I’ve bought a packet of walnuts which taste so bitter that the only possible way you can swallow them is if you bake them in some desert with tones of sugar.

And here comes the Nuts Pick!

Nuts Pick is a London based company dedicated on providing exactly this – the unbeatable flavour of freshly roasted nuts, healthy snacks and unique dried fruits. Working as a wholesaler for 7 years, they’ve decided to shorten the chain and deliver straight to the end customer.

All their nuts – salted or unsalted, honey glazed, spiced or even chocolate coated are always prepared after the order has been placed on the website. It takes 48 hours for the order to be dispatched, but this ensures premium quality and freshness!

Nuts Pick regularly comes up with new flavours which produce a delicious combination with their crunchy handpicked nuts. The flavours had been tested and reviewed by their tasting experts. Providing fresh nuts that leave you feeling delighted is the target of their whole formula.

“When you place your order, our team will start roasting the nuts until it reaches perfection. Thereafter it will be placed in a suitable packaging which will keep the nuts as fresh as if they just dropped from the roaster. We pack those fresh nuts in a stand up re-sealable foil pouches which will make it easier for you to take a bunch of nuts and close the pack again to keep the rest of the nuts as fresh as they should be.”

Nuts Pick

As if delicious fresh nuts weren’t enough, on Nuts Pick website you can also find yummy crackers, healthy dried fruits and an amazing range of confectionery – suitable for weddings, birthdays and any other special occasion.

Nuts Pick - bowls with nuts Nuts Pick - honey glazed cashews Nuts Pick - salted pistachios Nuts Pick - honey gazed macadamia, Medjool dates, spiced almonds and cashews Nuts Pick - bowl of nuts and dried fruits

Delivery and rewards

The guys from Nuts Pick have thought of it all. There is a free UK delivery on all orders of £12 or more. Even if you live somewhere far, they can ship your pouches of uniquely flavours to Europe, Russia, Australia and North America within 5-10 working days.

As I’m sure once you try Nuts Pick you’ll love them as much as I do, I need to tell you about the cool rewards you can get. Once you register on the website, you start collecting points – from creating an account to making a purchase, from inviting a friend or spreading the word on Twitter, everything brings you points which you can then redeem into discounts towards your next order.

Nuts Pick - WIN freshly roasted nuts and dried fruits - Instagram giveaway

Win with Nuts Pick

To give you a chance to taste for yourself, I’ve teamed up with Nuts Pick for a giveaway. Head to my Instagram and follow the rules for a chance to win yourself and a friend a voucher of £12 each to spend on Nuts Pick website.

The rules are simple and the competition is open for UK residents.

Good luck!



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