Turn October to Vapetober: e-cigarettes are way healthier than smoking

Did you know that over 54% of e-cigarettes in the UK are used by women? Let’s see why so many of us are choosing vaping over traditional smoking…

It still has the look

Imagine those distant times when you’ll be sitting at the, wearing the sexiest dress and immaculate makeup. Casually holding a thin cigarette between your fingers, you look into the eyes of your date and slowly let a stream of smoke over your shoulder.

If you haven’t been able to stop since smoking has been banned indoors, you’re likely to be interrupting the conversation and having to out to the street. With a jacket thrown over your shoulders you join a queue of other smokers. And you’re probably doing this a couple of times during a night out which kind of spoils the experience not only for you, but for your friends too. Not to mention that it’s cold and wet, and your date has been put on hold. Not the best scenario, is it?

Well, vaping is the new way. You can stay indoors and enjoy the time spent with your partner or friends, whilst maintain healthier habits. Which bring me to the next point…

Are e-cigarettes healthy?

Vaping proves to be a much healthier option and is becoming popular for a good reason. The Royal College of Physicians assures that e-cigarettes are safer and 95% less harmful than traditional smoking. You don’t need to worry about bad smells, bad teeth, stains and other health complications caused by nicotine smoking.

The possibility of some harm caused by the inhalation of vapor ingredients other than nicotine is substantially smaller than that arising from tobacco smoking. If using good quality products, you can reduce the risks of physical health issues even further.

E-cigarettes is 95% less harmful than traditional smoking. Vaping can also help you quitting.

Vaping helps quitting

Vaping has proven to be the most successful way to stop smoking. “Most users start off at a high nicotine level when they are still getting off of analog cigarettes. When a beginner graduates to a device that produces more vapor, they don’t need as high a concentration of nicotine to be satisfied. Then, they may want to further “step down” (decrease the nicotine strength) once they find that high nicotine actually screws with the flavor of an e-liquid. Simply put, the less nicotine you use, the better your liquid will taste” explains Mike Floorwalker, a producer of e-liquids.

NOW is the right time

If you’re trying to quit smoking, now is the right time to do so – with over 2.6 million people in the U.K. already vaping. Join the #Vapetober challenge of Mist E-Cigarettes and you can get £10 off your first purchase – use code VAPE16 at checkout.

Mist have helped over 20 000 people make the switch and are ready to help you. By starting with an e-liquid kit, you can save up to 80% of your usual spending on cigarettes. Plus, you can choose from 36 flavours.

Ready to turn October to #Vapetoper?



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