One Sunny Day

{Monday Outfit of the Day Post}

There was one sunny day last week. And it even felt warm. It was around 25°C. Next day, of course, it was the usual average – about 10°C lower.

But on that day, when the evening came, my man and I decided to meet in Westfield after work and have a date out. You never know when the next warm and dry day is going to be in London, so you better take the opportunity while it lasts.

It is so nice to be able to walk outside in a skirt and a vest, no tights or leggings or whatsoever, no worries about a cardi or a jumper (I had one just in case). Oh, I miss those hot summer days in my country. We had a dinner sitting at a table on the pavement. A Greek restaurant with meals that tasted almost like at home.

Who’d expect that I’d be listening to Revolution songs the rest of the week. But… When somethings needs to be done, I’m not the kind of person to hide away! I stand up! :))

How it went on Sunday? It will come next in my post tomorrow.

Outfit details:
Vest by New Look
Skirt by Quiksilver
Clutch by New Look
Heels by Office