Parisian Affair

Anyone in the mood to have a little Parisian dream?

As you know, I have already decided to have a tailored dress for our coming wedding. really like my fashion style and because I’m a very cool bride-to-be (did they say this? I like to believe so) they asked me to make a moodboard based on their website and choose a dream destination. So here is what I went for…

Passport to fashion

It’s just like this – for fun. I had to choose a dream destination for the wedding and find the perfect wedding dress and accessories according to the place. Well, we already have our wedding place booked, but it doesn’t hurt from playing the game, right? And which girl wouldn’t like the idea of getting married in Paris.

Parisian affair

I really like the French and in particular Parisian style of decoration and this is how I’m planning to style our wedding too. There is lots of glitter, lots of flowers; the dinning tables are set in an immaculate way; the chairs are usually bare to create a beautiful contrast between the soft fabrics on the tables and the painted wood from the chairs. Flowers and chandeliers are filling the room with sparkles and fresh scent.

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The wedding dresscode

When it comes to formal wear, I believe less is more. Although a bit of gold accents here and there are essential especially for a dream wedding. I know – a girl and her glitter!

The Parisian wedding style is sophisticated and speaks of timeless elegance with a hint of vintage. I think that a dress with lots of volume and tulle would clash with the surrounding decoration, so I chose a long gown with a simple silhouette. The dress isn’t simple though – it shows a beautiful handmade lace which I have complimented with an unusual veil – inspired from the 20s fashion era. See more fabulous bridal gowns here.

We can’t dream of Paris without adding a pair of gold Christian Louboutin pumps, right? To give them a good match, I picked a gold clutch to hold all the bride’s essentials.


Now let me tell you a few words about the website that I got all these inspirational photos from. can be described as the girl’s BFF when it comes to wedding planning. It allows you to like and safe photos to your bundles (read folders) in a more advanced level than Pinterest and discover the shops for everything you’ve liked. You can filter your searches by colour, theme and any other keyword you wish, such as: Parisienne, glitter, save the dates, autumn. You can also view pictures from real weddings and get some good tips and ideas from other couples.

If you’re planning a wedding or just like browsing through romantic pictures, have a look at I’m sure you’ll still find yourself on the website a couple of hours later! 🙂