The new fashion staple – a pinstripe jumpsuit

Taking away the stress from day-to-day dressing, the pinstripe jumpsuit is the new fashion staple that is easy to wear, suits everyone and looks chic at an instant!

A pinstripe jumpsuit as a casual wear? Absolutely!


Pinstripes have been found on suits since the early 19th century when banks in London used them to identify their employees. The pattern was originally worn only on suit pants but upon being adopted in America during the 20th century they were also used on suit jackets. Today the classic navy fabric is not reserved for men work attire anymore, but has taken on a whole new journey.

The crop wide leg

I first saw this jumpsuit somewhere in February on Bershka‘s website. I wanted to try it on to make sure I take the right size (I still have some hesitations about my postpartum body though I’m back at my old weight), but the ice and snow covering the town didn’t allow me to head to the local shopping center. Eventually I forgot about it, until I saw an advert on Facebook that it was on sale! Sometimes those browser cookies can do a good thing. They weren’t many numbers left, so I quickly ordered the smallest size and a week later found the time to pick it up from the store.

It has everything I want from a jumpsuit to make it a year-round wardrobe essential. The crop length makes it ideal for spring and works great for my petite figure. The wide-leg gives a hint of modern glam and can be combined with block heel boots for more formal look or white trainers when I’m off-duty. The stretchy woolen fabric keeps me warm even on a breezy sunny day and can be layered up if necessary. Ticking all the right boxes, I couldn’t resist making the jump.

The little details

For a city chic look I couldn’t resist adding a pair of handmade boho style Ettika earrings. I also borrowed one of my daughter’s hair clips – it has began, I know! The white trainers are a must-have obviously, and just a pair of sunnies are enough to complete the look.

Check under the photos for full outfit details.

Bershka pinstripe jumpsuit styling White trainers with wide leg jumpsuit The pinstripe jumpsuit closeup White sneakers street style Boho chic earrings from Ettika and Hugo Boss sunglasses with a hair clip Casual pinstripe jumpsuit styling Spring vibes pinstripe jumpsuit Ettika earrings boho style Wide leg crop pants White sneakers with crop pants Cropped wide leg pinstripe jumpsuit

Outfit details

Pinstripe jumpsuit from Bershka
Boob tube from ASOS
White trainers from JustFab
Dip earrings from Ettika
Hugo Boss shades from Discounted Sunglasses



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