How to plan the perfect all girls road trip

Going away for a weekend or more, with your girlfriends is the most attractive idea if you’re looking for a break or a  vacation. Although, planning a solo travel, is much easier because it’s just you alone and you are aware of what suits you and what you want. There is room for a lot of flexibility and spontaneity when you are travelling solo. But having said that, a road trip with your girls will definitely be more fun.

Travelling with your friends and taking a road trip to some unknown land, going to a new place, experiencing new culture etc. It all needs a lot of planning and prior arrangements to be made. So if you’re planning a road trip with your girlfriends and don’t know how to go about it, then you’ve come to the right place.

Whether a road trip with your girls is a part of your hen do ideas, or you just want to get back in touch and have a reunion with your girls, or maybe you just want to travel and explore a new place, whatever the occasion, this step by step guide will help you plan the perfect, all girls road trip smoothly and effectively.

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Deciding on the destination

Deciding on a destination where you want to take a road trip to, can be a tough one, especially when you’re a large group of friends. Each friend might have a different idea of a place she wants to explore. To narrow down your list of options consider parameters like distance, weather, top attractions and things to do.

Ask each of your friends to make a list of the maximum distance you’re all willing to drive down to, the kind of weather and temperature you want to be in, whether you want a sunny beach location or a snow covered destination, what kind of activities do you wish to do etc. Depending on the list of things you want to do and the experiences you want to have, there will be multiple options narrowed down. Out of all these options, choose the one that’s giving you the maximum number of things from your list.

Plan out your itinerary

Plan out all your activities for each day that you’re going to spend at your destination. Don’t schedule any activity for the day that you’re driving and arriving at the destination. You will most likely be very tired and it’ll do you and your group good to relax and just take in the city on the first night. Add all the famous attractions of the place to the list, like museums, historical monuments etc. Also add local cuisine to your list and do your research to find out which is the best place to try out the local food at. Make sure that you also take out time to sit and chill with your friends over some coffee or drinks. Don’t pack your days with a lot of touristy things to do, also add leisure time to your itinerary where you and your friends are free to roam around and chill.

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Budgeting and Arrangements

Coming up with a budget is very important so that you are not splurging blindly at the road trip. Budgeting in a group road trip is also important because each member of the group might not have the same budget for the trip.

Depending on the budgeting, you will have to make your accommodation arrangements. So get the entire group together to discuss and finalise on a budget. Make sure that you all also keep some back up money, which can be used in case of an emergency.

Driving Documents

If you and your friends are driving down in your own personal car, then you need to only worry about carrying your driver’s license, insurance and other car papers. In the case of a rented car, there might be extra formalities or documents needed. So ensure that you follow a checklist of documents required for renting a car. Also, make sure that your driver’s license does not expire by the time you need to go on your road trip.

Taking a road trip with your girlfriends is a great idea to explore a new place while also having fun with your friends and bonding with them. Just make sure that during the planning of an all girls road trip, you keep in mind everyone’s interests, preferences and comforts, so that everyone has a good time.



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