Protests in Bulgaria

I’m listening to a beautiful song about the revolution by Gil Scoot-Heron – a different revolution that happened to different people in a different place and time. Or may be not so different?!

Revolutions happen in a similar way – when the ordinary people can’t take it any more and stand up!

The revolution will not be televised, most probably will not be published in the newspapers either. Politicians will try to keep it as quite as possible. This is why you, my readers, most probably have no idea that anything specific is happening in Bulgaria right now. You don’t know that people: ordinary people no more different than me and you, from each gender, age, education level, believes, part of the society have been out on the streets protesting… since January!

I’ll tell you very briefly what’s it about…

While Nigel Farage was busy with his preelection campaign showing Bulgarians and Romanians as a serious thread for the UK citizen, economy and benefits system; something completely different was going on in Bulgaria. Nigel Farage tried to put himself in the shoes of a Bulgarian person and said “If I was Bulgarian I’d be packing my bags now wanting to come to Britain.

Meanwhile, Bulgarians were too busy to be packing. The protests started in the end of January as a result of the extremely high electricity bills. At first, out was the working class that had enough. Very soon, people from any age joined and it all escalated into a bit demonstration against the corrupted government, mafia, weak law system, poor education and health care, and so on and so on.

People in over 30 of the biggest towns in Bulgaria were out on the streets for weeks, every single day! A young man set himself on fire as a sign of a protest against the corrupted government. None of this was shown in the news in UK – as far as I’m aware of. The only thing I noticed was estimates of how many Bulgarian are coming next year.

It wasn’t well covered by the Bulgarian news channels either. I had to find out what was going on every single day thought social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, variety of blogs, etc. The main posters I noticed and the main requirements of the people were:
– We’re no nomads, we want to stay in our country!
– We want better education and health care!
– Mafia in prison! No more corruption!

The result was that the government resigned. In my opinion that was a very well played card by the ex PM. For a person who cared so much about his country, he just ran off too quickly and easily.

New elections took place. Lots of manipulated votes, lots of corrupted politicians, lots of third party interest. Bulgaria ended up with a government, most people didn’t want. From the first week, the new coalition started putting new people on posts in each town in the country and bringing up changes in the law. Instead of focusing on major problem for the society, they started signing off contracts with private companies to accumulate money from different sectors.

New protests began. Immediately!

People are on the streets again. Every day. More people. Over 10,000 people so far attended in the country, every day after 18:30. See a few pictures here.

What people want is very clear and politicians have to start listening. It’s June – been roughly 6 months of constant demonstrations. People want transparent elections, transparent parliament decisions, no more corruption, fair legal system, more eco-friendly government, no more monopoly in the country.

This time it’s not just in the biggest towns in the country. This time Bulgarians from all over the world are joining and showing their support. Because we care about our country. And we’re waking up.

I’m going to join the London demonstration tomorrow and will share pictures with you.