Purple in the sun

I don’t know what is wrong with this weather! Honestly!!

I saw sunshine for a whole afternoon and thinking that it finally got warmer, jumped out in some spring clothes to do the shopping. Luckily we were with the car, otherwise I would freeze!

It was 4° C! That would be fine if it was winter, but it’s 1st of April and you’d expect to be spring, as in the rest of Europe…

I checked the weather in Iceland – even there is warmer than UK!

… Anyway! Let me share with you my choice for the OOTD 🙂

I think it’s time to share a new outfit. I haven’t done it for a while, but this cold doesn’t make me very enthusiastic to take photos.


I love combining different items into a dual-colour outfit. It is as difficult to achieve as the multi-colour outfit. You need to combine the 2 colours in a way they will balance each other and create sections or colour blocks.


Here I’ve got them in this order: purple scarf, black jacket, purple leggings, black boots. The jacket and the leggings are interrupted by a skirt which is black but with some white flowers – to reduce the contrast between the blocks and add a more feminine element into the whole look.


The way I’m wearing the scarf here is the Basic Loop. It keeps in place in the wind, but still gives a good volume.

You can also have a closer look at the patterns and materials.


Please, fingers crossed that it will get warm soon, because I also want to wear my summer sandals! 🙂