Rain or shine – Making the most of an English country garden

If there is one thing Brits like to talk about (or rather, complain about) it’s the unpredictable and often rainy weather. Whether we are pondering whether or not the rain will ever stop or optimistically stating that we are going to have an ‘Indian Summer’, or reaching for another glass of Pimms in the beautiful sunshine, we can all accept that the climate is unpredictable. But this is no reason why we can’t make the most of our outdoor space. We spend so much time on the interiors of our houses, it is time our gardens received some of that focus. Here are some tips on how to enjoy your garden no matter what the weather may be.

BBQ dinning in the country garden

Think about the furniture

The weather does not have to prevent us from investing in beautiful garden furniture. In fact, cheap plastic chairs are not the only weather proof outdoor option, and outdoor furniture has a huge impact on the overall environment. There is now the possibility of using garden sails as both a rain cover, or to provide shade during the summer – they are also fire retardant so you can organize a big family barbecue without worrying about it being spoilt by a sudden British downpour.

You should also make sure that you have a place to enjoy all of this food. Outdoor tables are an efficient way of making your garden feel like it is a real space in your home. It provides the comfort of knowing that you can complete a number of tasks from eating to filing taxes in the beautiful outdoors.

Kids gardening

Get the kids involved

Summer is an important time for kids. Not only are they on school holidays but they are also expecting to go out and finally enjoy the sunny weather. Crafting is a good start. Have your kids collect leaves and other outdoor materials and create a book that documents your day in the garden.

If you are seeking a way to get your children involved in protecting the environment and loving the planet, have them help you compost and garden. This can be a fun, hands-on learning experience for them and will ultimately be beneficial to the health of your garden and your kid. After all, if they have a hand in making the healthy food that is growing in the garden, they are more likely to be pleased with having to eat their vegetables. It is a win-win.

There are a multitude of ways that your garden can provide you and your family with everything you need to have an enjoyable summer in the English garden. Just make sure that the activities are lined up and the comfort is there.

Disclosure: Written in collaboration with M.D.



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