Report about the campaign for Tsvety Carolova

It’s been three weeks since the funding campaign I organised for Tsvety Carolova has been closed. It was my first time using the Indiegogo website and I can make my report about it.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the whole Goal Amount of $1000 despite my efforts to make it well known by sharing the campaign on all different social channels I possibly could. But… as they say: “Every little helps”. 🙂

I allowed donating by PayPal and Bank Transfer. I received all the PayPal donations straight away in my account, so I took them out from the cash machine while I was in Bulgaria. The payments which were through Bank Transfers were supposed to arrive up to 15 days after the campaign is closed, but they never did. Anyway, I’m still thankful for what I managed to collect for Tsvety.

I had the chance to meet Detelina in live and give her the funds for Tsvety. We had a very nice chat in a cafe somewhere in Sofia. She showed me her amazing jewelry and gave me a few gifts for the blog. She also took me to the vet where the Saving Royal Cats are being treated – I will show you pictures very soon.

We had time to talk about all the troubles she’s having while trying to help the old lady Tsvety. There is so much envy in the neighbours and some young people tried to rob her. So sad! When finally someone came to help, bad people want to make it worse now. I’m really hoping that the Good will be stronger than the Bad.

Detelina makes amazing things and contacts, goes up in the mountain every week to give a hand to Tsvety with cleaning the yard, fixing the roof, bringing food, cleaning the well. She found another lady in Germany who sent a big parcel for Tsvety with food, blankets and other goods.

If you want to follow the story or help in any way, please visit the Facebook page for Tsvety. You can help in many different ways – by sending funds, sending a parcel with food supplied or any goods, or just by sharing the story.