My journey and results from the 14-day weight loss program with Nutribuddy

Time to reveal my experience and results from the 14-day weight loss program from Nutribuddy. Three weeks ago I started the challenge and last week I completed it. Now I’m ready to tell you all about it.

What is Nutribuddy?

Nutribuddy have designed a weight loss program which includes sculpting whey protein, multivitamins, hunger fix tablets, shaker, recipe book and a book about weight loss. Each product can be purchased separately from the website, or you can get a 7, 14 or 30-day kits.

Now let’s get to the exciting part… and see how it works.

Nutribuddy 14-day weight loss kit flatlay

Sculpting whey protein

The sculpting whey protein is the main thing in this program. 100% natural and made form non-GMO ingredients it is only 115 calories per serving, making it one of the lowest calorie shakes out there. It’s packed with all the amino acids of a regular whey protein used by gym goers, but also has guarana extract, green tea extract and caffeine from guarana which increase the metabolism and promote fat burn.

The brand’s website recommends a dose of 30g (3 scoops) per serving mixed with 300ml of water or milk. Note, the scoops must be heaped, not flat. The flavour I had was chocolate achieved by reduced fat cocoa powder – very nice and mild taste. Sweetener used is sucralose.

Price: starts from £14.99


I really liked these vitamins and the effect they had on me. Normally my nails are the first to get super brittle when I’m on a diet, so they kept me topped up. They have numerous health benefits including keeping your immune system and skin healthy. Some ingredients within them can also help with weight loss through metabolism boosting and fat burning.

Price: starts from £6.99

Nutribuddy multivitamins

Hunger fix tablets

These tablets are very interesting. You need to take them 20 min to 1 hour before a meal – with a glass of water for each tablet. The recommended dose is 1-2 tablets per meal. The key ingredient is glucomannan – a plant based dietary fibre which expands with water. It has been designed to expand in the stomach before you have a meal, so you eat smaller portions and don’t have cravings.

It’s very important to drink water when taking these tablets and to also not wait more than 1 hour to have your meal, otherwise you’ll end up too hungry. I only used the hunger fix tablets for the first 2-3 days of the program. I decided that for my diet plan, I don’t need to eat less in general and I had no problem with cravings. I prefer eating frequent small portions, as my objective was not to lose a big amount of weight, but to reduce fat.

Price: starts from £8.99

The books

The recipe book is full of very nice ideas for healthy meals. I didn’t follow the food plan, because as I mentioned I didn’t want to lose much weight, but to get leaner. My food plan included a high protein and very low carb diet. I found the recipes in the book more suitable for a long term healthy eating, which is why I will start cooking from it later.

The Little book of weight loss includes very good advice and ideas for losing and maintaining healthy weight. It’s full of tips and tricks and I recommend it as a read for anyone who needs to learn what and how needs to be done for getting thinner and fitter.

Price: £5.99 for the recipe book

Shaker bottle

This is the prettiest protein shaker I’ve had. On the website you can choose between a black and a red option. I went for the black one. It’s thinner than normal shaker bottles and it has a more feminine design. I even received compliments at the gym for how pretty it looked 🙂

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What I did in these 2 weeks?

I knew very well that just having protein shakes alone would not help me much in reducing body fat. I used them as a motivation and a helping tool to speed up my metabolism. I exercised 2-3 times a week and tried to mix various of different exercises: short running sessions, 20-minute HIIT full body workout, free weights upper body and lower body workouts, cardio. In terms of food I did a few major changes:

    • No bread, no potatoes, no rice – it wasn’t easy, but had to be done, so my body could start using its stored fat as energy.


  • I stopped drinking alcohol. Only on Friday evening during my cheat day I would allow myself a glass of wine or a pint of beer.



  • I ate 4-5 times a day – 3 meals and healthy snacks in between. Snacks would include nuts or kale chips.



  • On days I went to the gym, I would have a protein shake made with water straight after the workout and considered it as a snack.



  • On days I wasn’t doing any exercise, I had a protein smoothie as a meal replacement. My smoothie was different every time, but I would normally have it with skimmed milk or natural Bulgarian yogurt, half an avocado, a handful of something green (spinach or broccoli) and some fruit or berries for flavour.



Nutribuddy sculpting whey protein smoothie Kale chips - organic and home grown in our garden Nutribuddy smoothie in the making

Before and after

I felt much better as soon as I started doing some exercises. It was about time I kicked my lazy butt back to the gym and it felt really good! My posture got better, I started feeling empowered and strong again. I wasn’t sure there was any massive transformation until I compared the before and after photos. I also noticed that my stomach went down and I had to tighten the strap of my Beets BLU heart rate monitor and when I took measurements, I realised I’ve dropped 4 cm (1.57 in) around the tummy and 11 cm (4.3 in) around the waist – wooo hoooo! Looking at the pictures now, I see that my knees have gone a bit tighter. The skin on my legs used to be patchy and there was visible cellulite invasion all the way down to the knees on the back of my thighs, which has all smoothed out now. My stomach stays in and the crease on my waist has almost disappeared. My bottom doesn’t look like a huge pancake anymore, but has its heart shape back. I literally can’t believe this happened in only two weeks! My before and after front shot after 14-day Nutribuddy program My before and after side shot after 14-day Nutribuddy program My before and after back shot after 14-day Nutribuddy program

My weight loss achievement

I know I haven’t reached my goal yet, but I’m heading in the right direction. There was a great improvement in the last two weeks in my lifestyle and appearance. Just 2-3 exercise sessions a week, a healthy diet and good protein can make a big difference. Now a refill of protein powder is due and I’m continuing with my #fitfam journey. If you’ve been considering it, I think you should just do it – get a 14-day kit and start your program too. If I did it in two weeks, you can do it too! xx Nutribuddy whey protein smoothie I’m looking forward to hearing or even seeing your positive results if you take on the step with Nutribuddy. I’m off to the beach now and will be celebrating our 1st anniversary with my amazing husband! :))    


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