Rings for different occasions and times of your life

Rings on your finger sometime conveys a deeper symbolic meaning. They are not just for adornment or to make a bold fashion statement; but generally convey your thoughts and give a message to the person sitting next to you.

When we talk about rings and their types, we may think of statement for a wedding or engagement. However, there’s more to it. Rings are made to fulfill different purposes, and every ring is used on different occasion or ceremony.

Each ring describes your personality and style. With the choice you’ve made of what to wear, your ring describes its occasion and shares a message. Let’s see a few types of this jewellery accessory you’ll be wearing in your life – starting from high school to those you’ll keep for the rest of your days.

High school rings

High school rings are really common within the young generation. There is a stylish ring on every teenagers finger – girls wear anything from minimalist to statement pieces, whilst boys prefer a more simple piece. However, sometimes teenagers are also seen wearing rings representing a certain group. Nowadays it is a fashion statement to have on your finger the symbol of a particular group like basketball, baseball, music band, etc.

Fashion rings by Glamerella Jewelry

The promise ring

The promise ring is kind of a warm up ring for a couple before the engagement happens. The rings expresses the feeling of a couple saying “we’ll get married someday but not yet”. It’s more of a message for a couple who still wants to understand each other before stepping into more serious commitment like an engagement or marriage. Few countries really respect this notion, whereas, some cultures are still rigid to the idea. Promise rings can be easily bought from any local jewellery shop, they provide unisex promise rings – so you don’t have to worry about the genders oriented piece.

Promise ring by Perkin Knives

Copyright: Perkin Knives

Engagement ring

Engagement rings symbolise the love of a man for the lady of his life. It is generally an American tradition of which I’m not particularly fond of. They are especially designed with diamonds in different shapes and colours. Most remembered engagement ring today is the one that was gifted to Lady Diana by Prince Charles, and later on to Kate Middleton by Prince Williams.

Wedding ring

Wedding rings carry a promise to stay together forever and ever. Theses ring are worn by the man and woman from the day they step into a marriage. They are generally worn on the third finger in some countries of the left hand, whilst in others on the right. The ring is not justified so much by its design or style – it can be of any size, colour, and style, though most people prefer to have a simple loop ring, as it will have to stay on the finger for lifetime. However, many couples like to get unique rings designed just for them.



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