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I’ve heard so many disputes whether women need intimate care or not. Some believe that water alone is enough for female hygiene, whilst others prefer using products to maintain the skin’s pH levels.

Where do we go wrong?

It’s a very sad fact that there are a huge number of women who quietly suffer the discomfort of irritated skin or a pH unbalance down below. There are many factors that can cause distress and sometimes simply using the wrong products can bring vaginal health problems.

  • 60% of women in the UK suffer from vaginal health problems each year, yet 63.3% of women don’t understand their vaginal needs.
  • Regular shower and shaving gels can cause microbial imbalances due to being the wrong pH, which can lead to issues such as thrush and BV.
  • Unscented soap can be the wrong pH and even if used externally it can still lead to irritation.
  • 41.5% of women suffer from ingrown hairs yet 53% of us don’t know how to avoid them.
  • 59% of UK women aren’t aware that regular shaving gels aren’t suitable for use around the vaginal area and can cause imbalances.

SASS set of products for intimate care

Intimate care from SASS

As I’ve been used to intimate care products with specific pH levels, I was shocked to find how limited the choice was in the UK. On the best of occasions, all I could find was Boots or Superdrug own brand intimate washes. They were ok, but it gets very boring to use the same product all the time, so I had to bring back a different bottle from Europe every time I went on a holiday.

Last autumn at a bloggers event I was happy to discover a new UK brand – one that was dedicated to providing something for everyone. We all are different and have different needs, so the SASS sisters have developed a range of products that helps to maintain the natural vaginal pH for women no matter what their lifestyle is. After I used my set of samples, I ran to Boots to hunt them down.  I stocked up on the products I needed and haven’t abandoned them since.

Intimate care, hair removal and sport products from SASS

We are SASS

SASS are dedicated to creating a range of products to provide pH balanced options for women to fit their lifestyle. Defined in 3 categories, they offer products for intimate care, hair removal and sport.

Intimate care: The pH of your vagina is less than 4.5 while the pH of the rest of your skin is above 5.4. Any changes in the vaginal pH can upset your natural balance and lead to irritation and potentially thrush. There’s a long list of other things that can upset the pH balance of your vagina… Antibiotics, sweaty workout gear, drinking alcohol, too much sex, using regular soaps & shower gels are just some of the things that can disrupt your pH and cause irritation.

Hair removal: No matter which hair removal method you go for, ingrown hairs are always a risk. When a hair has not been able to pierce its way through the skin, it curls itself back around, growing inwards.  It is really important to exfoliate, as this ensures there is no build up of dead skin. Salicylic acid based products are great for exfoliation on the bikini line as they don’t contain micro beads, so are non-irritant whilst also soothing.

Sport: Intense exercise can leave women prone to chaffing and soreness, especially around the intimate area. This happens when skin rubs against either clothing or more skin and can leave you feeling sore. If the skin has been rubbing, sweat will further add to irritation as the skin becomes wet and the chafing becomes worse. To add to this, sweat contains salt, which can cause further soreness and stinging.

My favourite intimate care products from SASS

My must-have intimate care

The Intimate Purifying Cleanser has been designed for external daily use to help maintain the natural pH of the vagina. I find it incredibly soft and gentle to the skin. Unlike other intimate washes, it doesn’t produce much foam, but leaves you feeling very fresh.

Whilst it is completely natural for your vaginal area to produce sweat, the Intimate Freshness Gel with its subtle scent offers all day protection from sweaty skin.

The Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate prevents ingrown hairs on the bikini area after hair removal, whilst soothing and hydrating the skin.

The Intimate Protection Barrier Cream helps preventing friction and soreness during sports whilst maintaining well balanced pH.

The other product from the Sports range is the Intimate Recovery Serum which is designed to be used post workout to soothe, cool and re-condition intimate skin.

#GotSASS giveaway - try a set of intimate care products from SASS

#gotSASS giveaway

I’m so happy with the intimate care from SASS, that I want you to try it too!

To give you a chance to test my favourite SASS products and find out which ones work best for you, I’m hosting a blog giveaway. There will be 3 winners to get a sample size of each of the 5 products I reviewed.
Giveaway open to UK residents only – please see full T&C below.

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