Make solid wood your first choice for bedroom furniture

As we spend a third of our lives sleeping, our bedrooms deserve to be both nicely decorated and filled with attractive furniture, right? Well, that’s the ideal, and it’s something to aim for even if you started out with cheap ply board or free-ad essentials just to get going.

Shopping for bedroom furniture of your choice can be overwhelming, as there are so many options. Before you start it’s best to have a clear idea of what you need. Although your budget may seem to be the key guiding factor, beware, as this can mislead you into splashing cash on items which have a relatively short lifespan. Often the better bet is to spend a little more to secure bedroom furniture that combines looking good with being strong and long lasting.

Bedroom furniture

Presuming you already have a bed there are several other items of bedroom furniture which are important to most people.

Bedside cabinets or tables

Perfect for a lamp, glasses, phones, books, a glass of wine or whatever else you consider essential, those with drawers offer extra storage, with some having the delightful addition of a secret drawer – perfect for locking away jewellery, love letters or other treasures.

Chest of drawers

Perfect for storing T-shirts, sweaters, tops and any other clothing that can be folded; every bedroom needs at least one of these. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes it is easy to find something to fit in your available bedroom space without being a nuisance.

Low 2-drawer styles are perfect for guest rooms, with the bonus of space on top for flowers or ornaments to add an extra something. Larger dressers with a variety of drawer sizes are better for people with a good number of clothes and accessories to store. Look for narrow but tall dressers if space is limited.

Dressing tables

Perhaps not exactly an essential, but if you have a little free space then this is a great buy. It provides a dedicated spot to store and display your beauty products and cosmetics, along with a handy mirror and a place to sit while you use them! Larger rooms can take a bigger model, with some doubling as a desk space and offering extra storage options.

Blanket boxes / chests

Living in a climate with distinct seasons means that there will always be extra duvets and blankets that need a temporary home, as well as the usual array of bedding, towels and bulky jackets and sweaters. They are easily hidden from sight in a blanket box, which can be moved to any room in the house you choose.

Bedroom furniture from solid wood - The Costwold Company

Go for quality

In the long term, the best value for money comes from buying good quality solid wood bedroom furniture from Revival Beds. Not only is it durable, easy to care for and long lasting, but it looks fantastic. As a bonus, solid wood furniture is also extremely eco-friendly, avoiding the toxic materials used to create engineered wood, and using a lot less energy in the production process, too.

Enjoy your shopping experience, and the treasures you find to make your house into a home.


Photo credit: The Costwold Company



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