Spring Flowers

{Outfit of the Day}

What shows better than the Spring has arrived than a bunch of flowers. Even in a country where winter doesn’t want to leave, once we have a bit sunshine, we’re out soaking the sun light!

I’m not much into floral patterns, unless the flowers are really fabulous. I saw this beautiful piece on Dorothy Perkins website and I just had to have it! It is actually a tunic, but knowing I’m a petite girl I was pretty sure it’s gonna be the perfect size for a loose dress for me.

I bought probably in March – which was the coldest March since the beginning of records. I got so depressed that I put all my summer clothes in the back of the wardrobe – obviously I can’t wear them, they are only meant for holidays abroad. So I needed a bit of hope that it might eventually get into Spring so I purchased this dress. It didn’t come soon enough, but 2 months later a bit of sunshine appeared on the horizon. First thing – I put the floral dress!

Now it’s cold again, and rainy and cloudy for the most of the day, but I’m happy I had a chance to wear it for a day.

The dress is pretty bold and doesn’t need much highlights. I kept everything else simple. Summer clog sandals and a clutch, both in dark brown and black. A cuff on one arm and 3 tiny bracelets on the other one, a drop necklace and the same style earrings. Simple, yet pretty flowery!

Outfit items:
Floral Tunic from Dorothy Perkins
Heels from Office
Bracelets from different shops
Earrings and Necklace