Steve’s Leaves – the perfect and the terrific salads

If there is anything I really miss whilst I’m traveling abroad, it’s the fresh leafy salads you can pick up from the supermarket on-the-go and eat in the park, on the desk or before you jump in the tube. Whilst a summer in Bulgaria offers the tastiest fresh fruit and veg, there are almost no green leaves available. As soon as I’m running around in London again, my snack usually is packed in a salad bowl. This is how I discovered a new range of salads from Steve’s Leaves

Who is Steve?

Steve’s Leaves is formed by a bunch of pioneering farmers, who grow tasty, nutritious baby leaves with a light touch and a clear conscience. Steve has a PhD in watercress and is the first who introduced roquette to UK supermarkets in the early 90s, considering it incredibly exotic back then.

Instead of forcing the leaves to grow out of season, at Steve’s Leaves they follow the sun and create a nature friendly farming. By building special habitats on the farms to encourage friendly forms of wildlife, they let bees, hawks, bats and butterflies keep pests down and improve the biodiversity in the countryside.

All the salad leaves picked in the farms are grown outside in natural sunlight and only washed in spring water. They only pick the teeniest, tiniest baby leaves to get the tastiest, tenderest salads. Steve’s Leaves is the only salad brand that is certified as Fair to Nature by Conservation Grade.

Terrific Thai salad

The Terrific Thai salad is a mouth watering combination of coconut shavings, dried mango pieces, carrot sticks and a chilli and lemongrass dressing. It’s all mixed with fresh leaves like pea shoots, baby spinach, red chard and confetti coriander.

Perfect Ploughman’s salad

The Perfect Ploughman’s salad combines the great taste of red frilly mustard, green batavia, crimson chard and mizuna leaves with cheddar chunks, pearl onions, mini gherkins and rustic crackers. It’s all finished off with a pickle dressing – literally perfect!

Steve's leaves salad bowls Home picnick with Steve's leaves Freshly made Steve's leaves salad Steve's leaves salad topping and dressing The Perfect Ploughman's Salad from Steve's Leaves

What I love about these Steve’s Leaves salads?

The flavours of both salads are very well balanced – a little tanginess with just enough kick. The leaves are fresh and all the veg is crunchy. Each salad comes in a very compact bowl, perfect to slip in a handbag and have on-the-go. The leaves are just enough to fill you up without anything having to go to waste. All the dressings and toppings are carefully packed, so you can spread them out only when you’re ready.

I’m so obsessed with these two salads, that I know exactly what I’ll be picking on my way to Soho during LFW next week!

Where to find?

If you’re a fan of fresh salads like me, you can get your leafy salad bowl from Waitrose for £2.39 or buy online at Ocado currently discounted to £1.79. Don’t forget to check Steve’s Leaves official website for some more #picnicready inspiration!



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