Stylish and on-budget wedding dress – like the fashion editors

The wedding of your dream doesn’t need to cost you a small fortune any more. With high street stores offering fabulous off-the-peg gowns, you can look stylish and stay on budget.

You can find your dream wedding dress in the ranges of brands like Topshop, ASOS and Boohoo. The styling is up to you: with a vintage headband, designer shoes, a one-off handmade bag or boho chic jewellery.

Staying on budget

With the average wedding in Britain costing over £28,000 the whole process can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, there are ways you can stay on budget, if you plan ahead. From finding the right venue and booking it off-season, to choosing the right photographer and creating some unique handmade gifts, or even adding a photo booth to your reception – there are tones of ways you can entertain your guests in style and leave them talking about the amazing experience at your wedding for long time ahead.

Unique wedding dress

More and more fashion editors go for unusual wedding gowns these days. You don’t have to chose a regular style dress and look like a Disney princess – unless this is your dream. Jill Wanless from HFM wore a vintage swing coat she found on eBay, paired with sequinned Marc Jacobs shoes at her very intimate wedding. Whitney Weeks, editor at Ralph Lauren, opted not to have a wedding planner, but a very DIY approach for her casually elegant wedding with Doug Pickett.

Whitney Weeks and Doug Pickett’s Wedding in Martha’s Vineyard

Whitney Weeks and Doug Pickett’s Wedding in Martha’s Vineyard. Image source: Vogue

Personally, I knew I couldn’t find the dress I wanted, so I went to a tailor and made it from scratch. It was a simple fuss-free silk dress with an long breezy skirt which I took off after the reception. Even that it was made for me, it wasn’t expensive, because it didn’t involve hours of stitching together tones of heavy sequins or embroidery. I combined it with trendy accessories – nude mule shoes and a funky white clutch. The jewellery I wore came from brands most bloggers love.

High street shops follow the latest trends and create fabulous seasonal clothing. They know exactly how to make a wedding dress looking unusual and deserving to be walked with on the catwalk. And your catwalk is the aisle – when all eyes are watching you and the love of your life!

ASOS bridal 2017

Boohoo bridal 2017 - wedding dress and accessories

Topshop bridal 2017

Debenhams bridal 2017 - wedding dress ideas

Why do you have to spend a fortune for a dress you only wear once? It’s not the dress, but who is wearing it that matters. You can make any wedding outfit totally unique and matching your personal style.

It’s your moment – your way!



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