The sustainable wedding for the globally conscious couple

Being sustainable is a goal that everyone should make for 2018. We simply cannot afford not to. Now, you might think that your habits could not possibly affect the planet, and, in a way, that’s true. It’s the combined and compounded habits that push our planet to the brink. From perpetuating abysmal conditions in countries, to putting enough plastic into the world that particles exist in our water and even our air, we need to cut back. We need to do more than be environmentally conscious and recycle. We need to question where the things we use come from.

Sustainable wedding

You may already be globally conscious at home and the office, however, when it comes to large events like parties and even weddings, how can we be sustainable then? There are many ways to remain eco-friendly, even when it seems like we’re pampering ourselves at the environment’s expense. For a sustainable wedding, consider some of the following ideas…

Sustainable wedding - something vintage

Stay local

Though electric cars are on their way, chances are your guests will arrive to your venue by car. Cut down on the emissions by staying locally to where all your friends and family are. That way you can even organise a vehicle hire, so that they can all be picked up from their homes and dropped off at the wedding venue. Not only would this cut down on emissions, but it also ensures that your guests won’t be driving slightly tipsy and can arrive home safely.

Similarly, choosing local vendors is a great way to keep emissions low, and to help promote your local community. If you don’t have the budget to choose each vendor separately, choose a venue that does. There are wedding venues in Suffolk like, for instance, Seckford Hall, which put an emphasis on only serving the freshest, locally grown and sourced foods available. Choose a venue like this, and you’ll not only have the picture-perfect wedding, you’ll also help the environment and the local community.

Shop second-hand

Wedding dresses are usually worn once, and then they are often stored in a closet for decades, neither being worn again nor having any use. For the sustainable bride, buy your wedding dress second hand. That way you can further the garment’s lifespan, and get a great discount. When you are done with the wedding, you can then sell your dress to another forward-thinking bride, starting a unique tradition of sisterhood. To make it your own garment, customise the dress yourself just like the fashion editors do.

Sustainable wedding - bouquet

Make your decorations go further

Don’t choose one-and-done decorations. Instead, choose ones that can also act as party favours for your guests. That way you can prolong their life. Wedding flowers, for instance, are usually too numerous to bring them all home. Instead, send your guests home with a bouquet and spread out the flower’s beauty.

There are so many ways to be sustainable as a bride, but putting effort into ensuring that the vendors you choose also have a sustainable frame of mind is a great first step. Being sustainable is beautiful, and it can also help you save money, so make your big day a sustainable wedding.



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