The Ancient Patterns

These days during the festive season I can see some major differences in the traditions of celebrating Christmas here in UK and back home in Bulgaria. We are all Christians, but obviously from two different branches. There is a Church of England here mainly influenced by the Catholic church. While in Bulgaria it’s the Orthodox form of Christianity.

This year I celebrated here with the my partner’s family. This all made me think about the traditions in my country and I started thinking about the embroidery patterns again – the old symbols which we use the rugs, carpets, clothing…

You can see my previous post from the beginning of this year when the similarity stroke me for the first time. Since then, I’ve learned quite a lot, but still need to study more.

The Ancient Patterns, Embroidery Codes - The Blog of one

Source: Navajo | Aztecs | Bulgaria | East Persia | Persia | Bulgaria

The more I look, the more I find. The traditional embroidery is something very interesting. It’s certainly not a coincidence that we can see similar basic elements in the folklore of different nations which seem geographically so far from each other: Aztecs, American Indians, Bulgaria, Hungary, Persia…

It adds another piece to the puzzle of the forgotten history which shows that we all have inherited ancient codes from times we don’t remember and probably from an old civilization.