The Mojito Shoe

{The shoes an IT girl must own}

As a hopeless shoeaholic, I’ve gathered a great wishlist of shoes. The happiest of times are when I tick next to a pair of shoes from that list. I’m starting a new line of blog posts where I’ll be showing you some of those must-have pairs that every IT girl must own.

Here is the first pair on my list, which hopefully I’ll be adding to my collection very soon…

The shoes an IT girl must own, Mojito Shoe in Matt Black - The Blog of one

The Mojito Shoe: with their unique playful design, a pair of these shoes would bring any outfit to the next fashion level. You can brighten up a boring office attire adding a shoe twist, or take them out for a city walk under a pair of skinny jeans. You can wear them with a summer breezy dress or a girly romper. Whatever you choose, these shoes will be noticed!

The shoes an IT girl must own, Mojito Shoe Adverts from Julian Hakes Website - The Blog of one

The story of how the shoes came out is rather interesting. The designer Julian Hakes, a London based architect, was playing with a lime twist on a late summer night in his studio, while pondering about the high heels in general.

I wondered why there was the need for
a foot plate in high heels. When I look at a foot print in the sand it was clear to me that the main force goes to the heel and ball… if the early design of a shoe was an evolution of the humble sandal was this process limited by the materials and technology available? How can new materials and design techniques lead to a new solution, an evolution, possibly a revolution?

So I began exploring these questions in a similar way to how I would design a building or a bridge; examining the load path and looking at the most simple, elegant yet poetic expression of the forces at play within the materials used.

The shoes an IT girl must own, Mojito Shoe Collection on - The Blog of one

Where to buy?
You can find a wide range of the Mojito Shoes in fabulous hues and prints on the Cloggs website – all new models, including a big outlet on very tempting prices 🙂