This is how I have planned a family holiday in Florence

With our wedding on the way, my mum gave me a difficult task. She wants to buy us a holiday! We already decided that we’re not going on honeymoon, but we’re going to have a week of celebrations instead. After the wedding, we’re heading to the beach together with our guests to continue the party. My mum still remembers how after her wedding, her parents bought them a holiday as a present and the memories from that first holiday as a husband and wife are still with her.

Well, it’s difficult to argue with your mother sometimes, so we decided to think of a holiday destination – somewhere neither of us has been to, so we can explore it together for the first time. Here I will share with you some of the places on our bucket list. Let’s start with Florence!

Alex Berger, Tuscan Streets in San Donato in Poggio


Florence is the first on my research list. I haven’t been anywhere in Italy, but I’ve heard so much about this ancient city. A flourishing town since Roman times, it is also considered to be the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance (or the “Florentine Renaissance”). It has amazing artefacts, beautiful architecture and some of the world’s best wines.


The map of Firenze (Italian for Florence) displays some of the greatest artistic treasures of the world. The most popular and important sites in Florence include the Cathedral, the Baptistery, the Uffizi, the Bargello, and the Accademia. The churches of Santa Maria Novella and Santa Croce are veritable art galleries, and the library of San Lorenzo is a magnificent exhibition of Michelangelo‘s architectural genius. See what The Telegraph is telling us about the art side of a city break in Florence.

Bert Kaufmann, Milano Fashion


When tired of sightseeing – as if this can ever happen in Florence – one can be easily tempted to spend at least an afternoon at the designer outlets of some of the most popular Italian haute couture brands. According to Emilia Delizia – an Italian tourist agency – outlets on the outskirts of Florence and all around Tuscany make it one of the most alluring shopping destinations for both tourists and locals.

On Emilia Delizia blog they have provided detailed information on how to get to the shops of brand names like PradaGucciDiorValentinoD&GFendiRoberto Cavalli and a lot more. Personally, I wouldn’t mind a little shopping tour with Emilia Delizia to the outlets.


I can almost imagine how we start the evening sitting in a street restaurant in Florence, enjoying a fresh vegetable salad and a glass of local Tuscany wine. Probably there isn’t much need to mention, that the traditional Florentine menu might look simple, but is full of fresh ingredients with exceptional flavour. I’d love to check the Guardian’s list of Top 10 budget restaurants and lunch spots in Florence and taste some of those authentic dishes.

Allison Nichols, dinner on the arno river

Photo credits:
Glen Bowman, Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) – Florence
Alex Berger, Tuscan Streets in San Donato in Poggio
Bert Kaufmann, Milano Fashion
Allison Nichols, dinner on the arno river