Get your squad travelling around Britain for the coolest summer

From the beautiful coastlines to the best national parks, from the peaceful Lake District to blooming lavender fields, from summer music festivals to fairytale castles – there is so much to explore and see without even leaving the country. With so many transport connections now – from railway to mini bus hire, it’s so easy to leave London and get some fresh air whilst travelling around Britain.

It’s time to get your squad and have the best summer! Your squad can be many different things – from your girl gang to your extended family. Just call the group of people you have the most fun with and get exploring around the country. To make sure your trip goes smoothly and you have an unforgettable summer, here are a few tips to keep in mind…

Always have a partner in crime

Always have a partner in crime

The best part of travelling around Britain with a big group is that you can always find a partner in crime. When you want to climb and see those ruins right before everyone jumps on the coach, you will have someone crazy enough to join you. And you will have someone to rescue you when you get lost.

The general rule is that you’re safer when you’re not alone, so make sure you stick with at least one or two other people when you’re heading on your adventures.

Give each other some space

If your squad is big, then it’s most probably made up of different personalities. It may be hard to agree on what to do all of the time. You’ll probably get on each other’s nerves on a few occasions, so allow each other some space. It’s better to divide and conquer different activities, rather than constantly follow what one person prefers to do.

Assign different roles to play

Different roles to play

It’s many of you and everyone has their strengths. To ensure you travel as a team, assign different roles to each one of the crew. Have that super organised person? Let them keep the keys and other small valuables. Another member is really good with the camera? Let that person make a photo diary of the whole trip. If you’re at the beach, take turns staying behind while the others play in the water so that someone is always supervising the bags.

How to travel

Depending on the size of your squad, you may want to check the different possibilities you have for travelling around Britain as a group. You can book multiple train passes or rent a car. If it’s too many of you and a car is not an option, you can also check out coach hire from London – it’s so convenient to have your own transport to get you from door to door or to stop whenever someone needs a break.

Assemble your squad and go travelling around Britain

What are you  waiting for? Assemble your squad and go!



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