Here is why you need two baby outfits for a first birthday party

Planning the first birthday of your little one is an exciting culmination of everything that the last year has brought to your family. A year of sleepless nights, nappy changes, teething toys scattered around the house, new milestones and achievements, discovering new foods, sounds and so much more. Your life has certainly changed for the better, and despite all the difficult moments you wouldn’t change a thing. Now your little bundle of joy is more than ever ready to explore the world and you want to celebrate this!

first birthday party

Birthday baby outfits

No matter how you decide to mark the first year – with a unicorn themed reception for all your friends or a pool side party just for your kid’s little friends and their parents, one thing is sure – the outfit is very important. Actually, my advice is to prepare two baby outfits and here are the reasons why…

As a backup

Kids are kids and you can’t predict all possible splashes, never mind avoid them. Too much puree or juice can ruin the look of the party star. The little ones at this stage are most likely to be getting around by crawling which usually leads to dusty knees. If you don’t want too much mess to show on all of the pictures, simply prepare a cute backup outfit.

Birthday babe outfit

Birthday Babe 3 piece set by Lavendersun

casual birthday baby outfits

Occasion and casual look

Depending on how you’ve planned the day, you may need two separate outfits for the different activities. Your little party star can shine in a fabulous occasion dress or a suit for when the guests are arriving and pictures are taken, but you don’t want all that tulle and glitter get on the way of crawling, rolling over and balloon chasing. Slip your kid in something a bit more comfortable for a fun afternoon with lots of play time.

The smash cake

Do I need to say more? If you ordered one of those fun cakes for the first birthday party, your kiddo will have lots of fun redecorating the room with cream and sugar, applying a new face mask and tasting the delicious chef-d’oeuvre. Get your camera ready, along with lots of wet wipes and best – a second cleaner outfit.

first birthday - Moses basket and balloons photo shoot

I know how fun and exhausting in the same time a first birthday party can be. The little baby might not be able to remember it, but it will always bring a smile on your face when you look back at the pictures. So get the two outfits ready, pack lots of toys and don’t stress out about the colour of the napkins! 🙂



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